It’s Not Like I’M Eating Off Of It Or Taking It With To The Restroom So It May Be Fine…Right: The Four Germiest Places In The Office: Save Your Sick Days

mypurmist demineralized water One recent study from Kimberly Clark’s Healthy Workplace Project explored just how germy each day.

What they found may make you give a working from home more serious thought.

They tested the swabs for levels of adenosine triphosphate, a molecule present in all animal, vegetable, bacterial, yeast, and mold cells. You see, whenever manufacturing facilities, insurance companies, call centers, and health care institutions, The hygienists studied surfaces from loads of office locations within common professions, including law offices. Needless to say, there are the four worst culprits, you probably wouldn’t look for to eat a meal off the majority of the surfaces in your office space. This is the case. My laptop keyboard was not something I usually think about having to clean, unlike the bathroom sink or kitchen counter.

mypurmist demineralized water This means those tiny spaces between the keys are perfect for viruses and bacteria.

Should a ‘coworker’ come to work with a cold, there’s a significant chance their germs will end up on your keyboard.

So here is a question. It could be fine…right, It’s not like I’m eating off of it or taking it with to the restroom?


Not so. Especially if your work is based around a computer, your hands are on the keyboard for hours and hours almost any day. The secretary’s candy bowl? The toilet?, with 65 of office workers sharing phones. Of course.

Office phones aren’t objects I expect to be unsanitary, like keyboards. That’s right! Yes. Usually, the phones in the ‘Kimberly Clark’ study contained more than a whopping 25000 germs per square inch, including traces of fecal ‘matter which’ is especially offputting to think about when you consider how often they’re in close proximity to our faces and mouths. Notice, not very much the phones. It top-notch that most transactions take place online these days, our computers may not be the cleanest surfaces. Now let me tell you something. Office gossip was not all that’s getting spread around in the break room. Because of the restroom’s unsanitary reputation, most cleaning staffs take extra precaution to keep it clean, you should be surprised to find that bathroom surfaces didn’t make the list. The break room, besides, doesn’t receive really similar treatment. Hey, do not get completely paranoid, most office spaces are dirty.

Your immunity can handle hundreds of the germs you’re exposed to, after all.


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