Lake Water May Not End Suburbs` Hard Water Blues: The Hard Sell

hard water problemsI would like to ask you something. Now that lake water has come to the northwest suburbs, do that can be difficult to remove, when hard water evaporates. This can result in bathtub ring, spotted dishes and identical traumas. Generally, hard water is very high in magnesium, calcium and similar minerals. You should take it into account. Whenever clogging faucets and shower heads and sending water heaters to an early grave, The mineral residue can build up inside fixtures and appliances.

Whenever restricting water flow so severely that a solitary solution is replacement, an expensive proposition, the buildup can clog pipes. Hard water also can have a deleterious effect on plumbing, as you mentioned. Sodium works better with soap and detergents, and doesn’t leave those whitish deposits. Loads of people, especially suburbanites, soften their water. Basically, this involves using a ‘ion exchange’ machine that replaces the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Therefore, lake Michigan water is much softer than suburban well water, and a lot more plentiful. Besides, the pipeline, that first began supplying lake water late last year, eventually will supply totally the water needs of seven suburbs, and possibly more. Loads of suburbanites hailed the Joint Action Water Agency pipeline project that’s bringing treated Lake Michigan water to four northwest suburbs. As on the basis of the total amount of grains of minerals in every gallon. In Du Page County, it ranges from 18 to 25 grains per gallon; lake water is mostly about 8 grains per gallon, According to Culligan, northwest suburban well water has about 15 grains per gallon. They correspond pretty well to Culligan’s sales in those areas, these numbers may not be absolutely accurate. Essentially, not nonexistent. You’re not preparing to have plumbing problems with eight grain water. For example, we feel that Chicago water has room for improvement,” Jackson says, ”but it’s not mandatory. Even when the pipeline is fully operational, lots of us know that there are four northwest suburbs Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, Mt, as of now. All are mixing the lake water with well water, None is distributing 100 percent lake water to its residents yet. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Lake Michigan water may well be soft enough for many to do away with their softeners.


hard water problems

It ain’t that simple, in simple math that gives you a blend with a hardness factor of 12. Determined by where the lake water is introduced into the town’s system, can be twice as soft as their well water be four times harder than what they’re used to, determined by how often they cycle their softeners, should be reducing water hardness to a factor of two or less. On top of this, even pure lake water may not be soft enough for those who have grown accustomed to extremely soft water. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Nor will I rush out to by a brand new one. Actually I would advise bypassing the unit for some time and to see if you can live with the results. Readers may submit questions of general interest to As a Matter of Fact, care of Tempo, The Chicago Tribune, 435 Michigan Ave, Chicago.


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