Liven Up Plain Water: Keep Employees Healthy With A Workplace Hydration Program

We are looking for a Filtration Service Technician to service the DFW area.

Will train infield water treatment.

Mechanically inclined/plumbing experience helpful. Hours are ‘MonFri’ 8 5″ with occasional Saturdays. So here is a question. What does this mean for general health and wellbeing, and what can business owners do to ensure their employees are getting enough H2O any day, at least while at work? Dehydration is more than just feeling thirsty, it may seem like a question with an obvious answer.

Dehydration happens when a person’s body has lost enough water to prevent it from performing normal functions.

Mild dehydration is easily treated by drinking more water.


More serious cases of dehydration can quickly become ‘lifethreatening’ emergencies. It’s critical to replace the water we lose any day, as water impacts every of our bodily functions. You can find a lot more info about this stuff here. Adult’s bodies are made up of about 60 percent water. It lubricates our joints and eyes, keeps our skin healthy, eliminates toxins, promotes proper digestion, and helps our cells create and transport energy properly. Let me tell you something. We lose water in plenty of ways in the bathroom, through sweating, and through respiration.

Or has difficulty concentrating at work, it can create problems that ripple throughout an entire department or organization, when an employee goes home sick from a screaming headache. In and similar flavored beverages. A well-known fact that is. This is where having an established hydration committee can help. Another less obvious benefit of implementing a workplace hydration program is improved employee morale. Normally, sodas and sports drinks contain empty calories that are a proven contributor to the growing obesity problem in the and beyond dot 56 Hydration with plain water can help employees manage their weight, and remember you’re under no obligation to provide your employees with sugary beverages. Swap out sugary drinks in your vending machines with bottled water and unsweetened seltzer water. Water quality tests have turned up alarming levels of different chemicals and pollutants in municipal water systems dot 78910 In 42 states public water supplies are contaminated with unregulated chemicals.

The quality of tap water varies considerably from one place and one state to the next.


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