Loads Of Authorities Have Gone On Record To State That Drinking It Will Adversely Affect Your Health: Elua

is deionized water good for you I believe that except for truly extenuating circumstances and water sources, a combination of carbon block and ultrafiltration technologies, certified to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards is the right tool for making most municipal tap water into safe drinking water, after working with a long list of water treatment technologies and applications for over15 years. That’s why I’ve trusted both my workplace and family’s water to the Everpure line of water filtration systemsfrom industry leader Pentair, My favourite is the Everpure H 300″ because of it’s ability to remove volatile organic compounds including THMs. Spring or mineral waters have TDS levels of between 50300″ mg/ While the term demineralized water sounds innocent enough, is it safe drinking water? Demineralized water is almost completely free of minerals just like Magnesium, Calcium and a long list of other naturally occurring, dissolved minerals, as you might guess by the name.

is deionized water good for you

One of those authorities is the World Health Organization which produced a report in 2004 titled Health Risks From Drinking Demineralised Water.

Many authorities have gone on record to state that drinking it will adversely affect your health.

is deionized water good for youDemineralized water is generally defined as having between 1 10 mg/L of total dissolved solids. One of these experts is František Kožíšek. Needless to say. On top of that, whenever believing pure water to be, by default -better, industry has pushed and developed technologies to strip water to its core. There are no regulations to ensure safe drinking water from the viewpoint of what minerals important to our health are left in the water that we drink. Many leading experts and organizations, including the WHO are starting to look more closely at the importance of leaving naturally occurring minerals in our drinking water.

As we all learn at some point in our lives, more does not necessarily mean better.

Kožíšek’s report Health Significance of Drinking Water Calcium and Magnesium is amid the most thorough and eye opening discussions on the topic of minerals and safe drinking water published to date.


Molecular H2O as possible, most medical professionals agree that it’s not natural nor healthy and the pros often outweigh the cons, while demineralized water produced by reverse osmosis or distillation might be as close to pure. Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years drinking water with a wide majority of dissolved minerals, lots of which play very important roles in our overall health, lots of which we are just now starting to understand.

Polish National Institute of Public Health. What’s interesting is that current drinking water regulations are centered around ensuring safe drinking water by the removal or reduction of harmful contaminants. At Elua, great tasting, safe drinking water is at the heart of our philosophy. Now let me ask you something. Any research on this? How does it effect plants?

Is the deminiralised water suitable for plants, as I store the condensate drain pipe water from my AC units and water my little garden. In among the south american countries, the government is using large Hoarding surfaces on highways, to absorb and condense humidity in air and have the drinking water outlets below them from this source as the poyable water is scarce in that country. Hopefully Google can should undergo additional treatment to ensure it’s safety, as soon as the water is created. You should take it into account. There’s a growing kinds of water generating systems on the market today that condense water from humid air. Hi, With regards to remineralizing demineralised water you said, Does it reproduce what Mother Nature has created over thousands of years? Also, will you the remineralised water be safe and how should it be different to what mother nature has produced. Probably not.. I’ve yet to see one that we can get behind and support and which does anywhere near really similar job as Mother Nature, mostly there’re a few products on the market that do this, either as a stand alone product or part of a complete water filtration system.

Reputable remineralization system or product, please share, if anyone out there has found a high quality. My comment about remineralized water was referring to water which was stripped of its original minerals through reverse osmosis or distillation and after that remineralized through the use of a product or system which adds minerals back into the water before being consumed. Look, there’re a lot of factors that will go into choosing the systems that is right for you, when choosing a water filtration system which leaves in all the natural minerals found in the original water supply. Systems just like the Everpure ‘H300’ that we offer, the water they produce isn’t considered remineralized, when you are looking at water filtration systems which do not strip out the natural minerals.

Hi, thanks for the great question.

Here is a link to the NSF Listing for the Finecel system.

The Fincel Water Filtration System is manufactured by Winimax, the parent company of Winix. The reason that you could not find reference to Elua on the NSF website is that we are not the manufacturer of the Finecel Water Filtration System or any other water filter that we offer on our website. Anyway, for more information on the Finecel Water Filtration System including video, product manuals, FAQs and more please click on the following link.


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