Mali Is Facing A Fast Growing Urbanization And With It – West African Utility Targets Non – Revenue Water With Itron Meters

waterThe EPA has issued a legal order requiring the Village of Tarrytown to deliver consumer notices and conduct public education activities for individuals and organizations using the village’s water supply.

So here is the question. Which water treatment applications has 3D technology been used for to date, this is the case right? In recent years, loads of companies have begun to investigate the potential of using 3D printed parts and components in water treatment and filtration technology.

BAMAKO, Mali -The Malian Drinking Water Supply Management Company, a water provider to 160000 customers in Mali in Western Africa, has partnered with Itron to a good trial. The utility will use Itron’s residential and commercial industrial water metering automation and monitoring solutions, including softwareasaservice for analytics and meter data management, to decrease its ‘non revenue’ water levels.


West African utility targets nonrevenue water with Itron meters.

waterThe aim is for the utility to limit waste using detailed meter data to detect leaks, monitor system performance and improve water efficiency.

Boubacar Kane, CEO of SOMAGEP SA. Ensuring that our water resources are used in the most efficient manner is critical to us and our customers. However, mathias Martin, Itron vice president of nonrevenue water solutions. At the core of Itron’s mission is the desire to around the globe, that is why we are proud to work with SOMAGEP SA to improve water access in Mali. Mali is facing a fast growing urbanization and with it, a growing challenge to effectively distribute water in the capital city of Bamako. Generally, that’s why SOMAGEP SA turned to Itron to help us better manage the delivery and use of water resources. West African utility targets nonrevenue water with Itron meters. 0 commentsmagazine or email newsletters today at no cost and receive the latest information.


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