More News On Dasani: Cola Admits Dasani Is Really Just ‘Purified’ Tap Water – Coca

is distilled water the same as purified water OK, I have to comment on this.

Of course.

Nothing more than purified tap water. It’s not purified really if So there’s toxic waste in it. That’s false advertising. Likewise, these ‘minerals’ added back in are useless and even harmful to the body. Dasani make is to add ‘minerals’ back in! Absolutely correct. Notice that minerals naturally found in water are inorganic and can’t be assimilated by the body. Well all I look for is purified water with natural minerals so I’ll drink Dasani. Do you know an answer to a following question. How is Dasani different from me purifying my tap water in the apartments hereafter adding the appropriate minerals? Remember, I don’t seek for to carry a canteen everywhere I go, yes I’m paying more. Most people don’t look for to carry a filtering bottle, or canteen to the mall, museum, movies, or while out in public living their lives like regular people.


This concept is a problem to imagine for your average prepper, I know.

Fact is most people just seek for to buy a bottle of clean, trust worthy water.

Whenever raising funds for your cause, and offering a product for a certain demographic is very stupid, Yes making money. Yes I’m an idiot for suggesting that those who oppose fluoride in water and promote that most tap water has quite a few of pollutants will create a product they could actually stand by, plus help fund their movement instead of begging for free money. THE LOCAL TAP, at least in most cases. Notice, they purify their water. Sooooo.


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