Mypurmist Commercial


mypurmist demineralized water About a quarter ofthe Amazon reviews are 1 to 3 star reviews. MyPurMist units stopped functioning after a couple of weeks or months of regular operation. One concern about MyPurMist is that someone who has asthma might need to consult their doctor before buying something like that. MyPurMist an ideal replacement for a traditional nebulizer, there is subtle marketing toward those who have asthma. On top of this, MyPurMist may not offer enough benefits as a choice over similar competing products, with a $ 150 price tag. By far, the most common negative complaint was that the unit had broken down in the first few weeksormonths of usage. Normally, myPurMist is a handheld steam vaporizer that allegedly eases minor respiratory problems associated with dryness or congestion. Plenty of user reviews for MyPurMist are positive, statingthat the product works as advertised. There’re also negative reviews, albeit in the minority.


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