water The high rainfall and hilly makeup of the Jamaican landscape makes it ideal for rainwater harvesting.

Where I grew up in Eastern Hanover many homes had water tanks where rainwater was collected from rooftops and used.

We also had a community reservoir that remained operational up to my high school years. That said, aM Please understand that comments are moderated and Undoubtedly it’s not always possible to publish all that been submitted. Basically, if you can’t manage the task at hand give it to someone that can. People need water in their houses. You should take this seriously. So if the government can not manage to repair and build new dams, These dams are leaking, it’s best to give it to the private sector.

water Well the current dams was around from the 1940s and the government has not made any new dam from after that,.

By capturing water, the flow of stormwater is also reduced and this minimizes the likelihood of overloading the stormwater systems in our neighborhoods.


Collecting and using your favourite water can also significantly reduce your water bills. How can a country crcrossed with streams and deluged from the sky with water explain why there’s a significant poser? Whatever the solution, the fact that J’ca is riven with water shortages speaks to the places inability to govern itself. The answer is simple -misuse of power anyway levels and corruption. It still seems strange to me to see country people protesting about lack of water. Of course growing up in St Ann, the first thing that people built BEFORE they laid the foundation for the house was a Water Tank!

Water must have been a strategic priority from s very long time.

In very rural, isolated areas, the harvesting should’ve been very helpful.

The high watershed areas of St Ann, Portland, and St Catherine could accommodate a large feeder reservoir. No testing nor treatment. It takes vision and leadership. For think that putting up a few tanks here and there was water policy. You see, even in urban areas homes might be designed and built with some degree of minimum water harvesting requirements. The populated areas of Kingston, Spanish Town, and May Pen could’ve been easily gravity fed.

This can be achieved with small treatment and testing technologies.


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