One Medical – Quirky Questions: Do I Really Need To Drink Glasses Of Water A Day

water It should probably be to drink eight water glasses a day, that is also known as the 8×8” rule, I’d say in case there’s one health recommendation that everyone seems to know.

It sounds logical enough.

Not drinking enough of it prevents us from functioning optimally, since our bodies need water to function. Whenever drinking for sake of example, look, there’re lots of reasons why we may think we’re falling short forgetting to drink because of a busy schedule, not adequately rehydrating after workouts. Many people are convinced that they’re in a perpetual state of dehydration and are concerned about falling short of the 8×8 rule. The reality is that most people actually consume loads of water any day, just not in the type of pure water. All forms of common beverages similar to water, coffee, tea, soda, and juice every calorie of food consumed. Thus, an average diet of 1900 calories per day should dictate an intake of 1900 ml of water. Today, the IOM liberally recommends an even higher volume of total daily water intake. So here is a question. Are there, as a matter of fact, health benefits to drinking this much water? Therefore, don’t worry, I’d say if these numbers seem daunting. Considering the above said. Keep in mind that water needs vary tremendously by individual, and are dependent on numerous factors just like activity level, geographic location, and temperature. Not in line with the latest research. In fact, most people might be adequately hydrated at levels well below these recommended volumes. American Journal of Physiology and a 2008 study from the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology demonstrated no significant health benefit of the 8×8 rule.


water How do you know whether your body is properly hydrated?

Most people without specific health concerns gonna be able to maintain good hydration by following this advice.

It’s an interesting fact that the IOM advises drinking liquids with your meals and to you must heed your body’s request for water by drinking when you feel thirsty, rather than religiously documenting almost any ounce of fluid intake. This, under most circumstances, will provide you with your daily water needs.


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