Or Fruits Fresh Juices And Vegetables: Demineralized Water

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di water generatorDistilled water is pure H 2O -which means it’s a compound of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.

That’s interesting. Notice that every has a certain survival time after it was picked before spoiling. Let me give you a short lesson in chemistry. Therefore in case you drink fruit and vegetable juices, you are drinking distilled water plus certain nutrients similar to fruit sugars, organic minerals and vitamins. There are two chemicals kinds -inorganic and organic. Seriously. So if you drink lake. You are drinking undistilled water, plus the inorganic minerals that the water has picked up. On top of that, the inorganic chemicals are inert, that means that they can not be absorbed into the body tissues. If you drink rain water or snow water, for the most part there’re no inorganic minerals in it., our bodies are composed of 16 organic minerals which all come from that which is living or was alive. Then again, notice, Surely it’s 100 ‘mineral free’. Me of this water is known as hard water, while meaning it has high inorganic mineral concentrations that can cause health problems. When we eat an apple or any other fruit or vegetable, that substance is living. Quite similar applies to animal foods, fish, milk, cheese and eggs if you eat them, we prefer the vegetarian diet. I’d say if you drink rain water, fruits fresh juices and vegetables, remember that all of this liquid had been distilled by other Nature.

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