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water deionization process David had been active in all areas of the contract electronics manufacturing industry for over fifteen years. He is currently in charge of all Sales and Marketing related activities for Technical Manufacturing Corporation. His focus was the design and application of thermal process measurement tools used to improve manufacturing processes like. He has seen and worked with the electronic manufacturing industry from many points of view. Milwaukie, Oregon for sure offerings, IPC Certification programs and provides customers with expert consultation in electronics manufacturing, including RoHS/WEEE and lead free problems.

water deionization process

Fritz’s career in electronics manufacturing has included diverse engineering roles including PWB fabrication, thick film print fire, SMT and wave/selective solder process engineering, and electronics materials development and marketing.

Design of Experiments techniques was an area of independent study.


water deionization processFritz’s educational background is in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on materials science. Fritz has published over a dozen papers at various industry conferences. Have you heard of something like that before? John has focused on Product Compliance and Environmental Safety problems throughout his career. Now let me tell you something. He has a in Chemical Engineering, a in Chemical Oceanography, a in Environmental Engineering, and is a Professional Engineer in the fields of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Gerald O’Brien is Chairman of ANSI ‘JSTD’ 003, and Co Chairman of IPC 4 14 Surface Finish Plating Committee. He is a key member of ANSI J STD 002 and 311 G Committees Expert in Surface finish, Solderability problems and Failure analysis in the PWA, PWB and component fields. Pierce Pillon is the Laboratory Manager and lead formulations chemist at Techspray, a division of Illinois Tool Works and a leading manufacturer of chemical products for the electronics industry. Active on IPC EHS committee and c chaired committees on IPC1331, JSTD609A on labeling marking, IPC 1758″ on packaging and others. Lee Wilmot has 20+ years doing EHS work in the PCB/PCBA industries, including environmental compliance, OSHA compliance, workers compensation, material content declarations, RoHS REACH compliance. Rockwell Collins Advanced Operations Engineering.

Technical Director, Contamination Studies Laboratories.

He has 9 years working experience for US Navy -Materials Lab, Naval Avionics Center Indianapolis.

Doug Pauls has a bachelors in Chemistry Physics, Carthage College, BSEE, Univ of Wisc Madison. His previous employers include Hollis and Electrovert. Charlie Pitarys has thirty years of industry experience and was with Kyzen Corporation for sixteen years. Notice that charlie is a former Marine and a retired Sargent Class in the Army Reserves. Charlie continues to use his expertise on cleaning processes and machine mechanics to help Kyzen customers and partners improve their cleaning operations. He is responsible for all of Henkel’s assembly products including soldering products, underfills, PCB protection materials, and thermally conductive adhesives. Dr. Poole is a Senior Applications Chemist in Henkel Technologies, electronics assembly materials application engineering group.


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