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Regulations are placed on them, as industrial applications become more complex and even more demanding.

Whenever using technology to remain on the cutting edge, Filtra Systems employs talented designers and engineers to produce an advanced line of industrial water filters.

I know that the water filtration must change in response, since of ‘everchanging’ standards for the disposal of industrial waste water. Industries need increasingly reliable filtration for better efficiency and safety. Normally, industrial water filtration continues to grow in importance for the production of purified water. FiltraSystems understands the role new technologies will play in the future, and we invest in a broad range of those available today to meet the challenges of all industries and the needs that are specific to them. Essentially, almost any detail matters, in order to achieve top results when selecting industrial water filters.

Quite a few companies are also looking for industrial water filtration systems that are ‘cost effective’ and beneficial to the environment, in order to add to the challenge. The right materials, size, and design are just a lot of features that will determine how well your filtration process works. Filtra Systems’ can provide you with the information you need about a wide various industrial water filters to vast selection of industries. Certainly, there’re different kinds of industrial types water filters to accommodate different needs.

There are quite a lot of benefits to the use of walnut shell media over that of sand.

While meaning they work by removing contaminants through a granular media before they are removed through a tortuous path moving through the media, Walnut shell filters are bed filters.

Whenever cleaning the bed without the added cost of media disposal, as soon as filled with contaminants, it’s backwashed. This is especially true when removing oil and suspended solids. There are many different kinds of industrial types filtration systems used across a wide array of industries. Oftentimes the primary goal of every company is to choose the filters that result in top water filtration possible. Then, the needs vary in size and design being that the difference in systems and the kinds of contaminants types that need to be filtered out of the liquid, after that.

It costs time and money to frequently replace filters. Whenever resulting in less effective filtration, They can also be a lot less efficient. You have more questions about industrial filtration systems or need top industrial water filters for your system, right? For many companies, the use of water filters is required. They look for the most ‘cost effective’ industrial water filters to meet regulations and provide a quality product. FiltraSystems’ has implemented the newest technology into their filters to optimize the industrial water filtration capabilities for a broad range of industries and improve their operation’s efficiency and cost. That said, filtra Systems’ applies really similar attention to detail today that will lead to its defining of essential water treatment solutions in the future. FiltraSystems’ has nearly 40 experience years behind their industrial water filters, and can provide every client with the custom solutions they need for their specific application.

There are many ways that industries are changing.

New and increasingly stringent regulations on filtration also drive technology forward to meet these increasing demands.

Better technologies allow the development of new and more efficient filtration systems. Industries that have had to deal with water shortages have adapted the knowledge and understanding of how filtration and wastewater treatment benefits their operations. On top of that, I know it’s vital for companies to stay informed on the latest technological improvements, to make informed decisions about which industrial water filters to use for the most efficient processes. Filtra Systems’ was providing a varied range of industrial water filtration solutions and industrial water filters for decades. Sounds familiardoesn’t it? This makes it easy for you to dispose or recycle your wastewater in ways that comply with environmental regulations. Actually, filtra Systems to design and install an industrial water filtration systems on its behalf can choose from a wide selection of options, including bag, pressure, vacuum, and walnut shell media filters. These systems can remove quite a few contaminants from water, including oils and suspended solids. Furthermore, we go to great lengths to ensure that the technology we use in designing your industrial water filtration system is exactly what you need.

There are as many water quality specifications as there’re organizations that need water filtration for their daily industrial operations. Over the last three decades, ‘FiltraSystems’ has seen and done it all wheneverit gets to designing industrial water filters. Contact Filtra Systems today, if you need to know more about the exact kind of industrial water filter that must be ideal for your operation. FiltraSystems has a reputation of providing simply better industrial water filters in a global setting, and is for around three decades. Let me tell you something. We know what it needs to design, install and maintain systems, when it boils down to industrial water filtration. Whenever providing completely clean filter media after almost any cycle, ve patented a few important approaches to industrial water filtration, most notably our STiR filter media cleansing systems that uses the lowest possible volume of clean water to backwash the media bed.


FiltraSystems does not cut corners wheneverit gets to designing innovative industrial water filtration solutions for our clients. We know how crucial That’s a fact, it’s to listen to our clients with intention to design innovative industrial water filtration systems that meet their needs, if there’s one of the things that FiltraSystems has learned after all these years of being in business. Contact Filtra Systems today, if you look for to learn more about how ‘Filtra Systems’ industrial water filters improve upon other designs and how the technologies we use can keep your filtration system running as efficiently as possible. Also, filtraSystems is a world class provider of waste water filters and industrial water filters to a wide array of industries that rely on water filtration in their daily operation.

We have the ideal solution you need for your waste water filter or industrial water filter requirements. FiltraSystems has built its reputation on innovative approaches to industrial water filtration through the research, development and implementation of a series of patented technologies. Functioning on vacuum pressure, our STiR filters capture contaminants by catching solid material in the tortuous path of the walnut shell media bed. One of ‘FiltraSystems” premier systems is its patented STiR technology, that has the capability of cleaning 100percent of filter media during backwash cycles. Like anthracite, This is much improved over older, less efficient systems that use other filter media, sand or carbon, that can not completely fluidize during a backwash cycle. And now here’s a question. Interested in learning more about FiltraSystems and our patented waste water filters?

In the world of water filtration systems, sustainable water filters were at one time prohibitive to operate and design. Filtra Systems’ innovative approach to building sustainable systems has made adopting a replacement technology for a sand filter both ‘cost effective’ as well as efficient. The filter media itself is permanent -STiR industrial water filters use blackish walnut shell media, a media that is resilient, hard, chemically inert, and is a byproduct of the food processing industry. Performing as a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor, our STiR technology is a patented process that was mathematically proven to clean 100 of filter media during a single backwash cycle. Actually, there’re even more sustainable benefits to our patented design, while never having to replace your filter media again is a fine example of how the STiR is an excellent replacement technology for a sand filter. The backwash volume generated by our STiR filter is also minuscule. Only one half percent of throughput is backwashed, something that none of ‘FiltraSystems” competitors can claim.

Combined with our high removal efficiency of 95percent of suspended solids and 90percent of oils and greases at 5 micron, waste is minimized -another way you can ensure your industrial water filter system is as sustainable as it can be. Are you interested in learning more about our line of STiR filters? Protecting the environment is the most important considerations for engineers, and the hazards of industrial water filtration must be contained by utilizing quality products and innovative systems that also have a positive impact on performance and efficiency. Filtra Systems prides itself on ensuring that our equipment minimizes the risk of exposure to workers and to the environment by creating a lot of the most reliable products in the industrial water filtration space. Generally, our STiR filter’s dynamic backwashing system minimizes waste volume for added efficiency. Filtra Systems provides industrial water filters just like the STiR Filter, unmatched among competing technologies. On top of this, using our patented fluidization technology, our industrial water filter is capable of cleaning 100 of filter media in the backwash cycle. We have used this filter in systems globally to protect rivers and similar natural watercourses from pollution. The STiR Filter is the perfect example of the engineering standards FiltraSystems abides by.

Now look, the STiR Filter provides more efficient filtration, especially in the removal of oil, than filters that utilize traditional filter media like sand. Compared to older and outdated purification systems, our products set a completely new standard for efficiency and reliability in the market. Here at FiltraSystems, we design any of our new industrial water and waste water filters to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Part of this attention to our clients’ needs includes the the research and development of new water filtration technologies. The single advancement that epitomizes our dedication to providing high levels of efficiency as well as sustainability is our patented STiR technology. Known industrial water filters built with STiR tech are modeled on Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors and can clean 100 of filter media over the course of just one backwash cycle. Besides the use of highly sustainable filter media, STiR filters also have a very low backwash throughput of 1/2percentage. Remember, seek for to make sure more about FiltraSystems’ water purification methods?

Industrial water purification systems are crucial to any ‘large scale’ operation that has a need to ensure that large quantities of water are cleaned reliably and consistently Whether a waste water filter,, or it’s an industrial water filter.

The STiR tracks the differential pressure as water flows over the media bed.

Filtra Systems’ patented STiR technology is proven to clean 100percent of filter media during any and almost any backwash cycle. For instance, additionally, these kinds of industrial types water filters neglect to fluidize media completely during backwash cycles. This is a marked improvement from other filtration technologies, similar to carbon, anthracite, and sand media filters, as these filtration systems have a higher susceptibility to media fouling.

STiR filters also feature increased effectiveness whenit gets to disposal and maintenance costs.

Therefore this often causes filter media to mudball the way where it becomes largely ineffective, even when subjected to extended or additional backwash cycles, when other waste water filters like sand filters are tasked with cleaning oil from contaminated water sources.

The end product is possibly unsafe water and increased disposal costs -as well as a heightened replacement cycle for the filter media. And therefore the backwash cycle begins, whenever this pressure reaches a set point. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Our STiR technology uses a vacuum pump to draw water through the crushed grey walnut shell media bed.

Contaminants captured by the filter system restrict water flow, that increases the differential pressure across the bed. During this cycle, the filtration media is cleansed and any contaminants are eliminated through the use of an agitator, that mixes the contaminants and filter media together before pumping the waste water through a backwash pipe. Want to learn more about our patented STiR system?


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