Pure Healthy Water — Why Many Lie About It Distilled Water: So That’s A Scientific Fact – A Scientific Truth

di water generatorI would like to ask you a question. What is Distilled water? Yuck! This is a Scientific Fact -a Scientific Truth. Reverse Osmosis units and Atmospheric water generators are a lot more expensive than Water distillers so sales and commissions The Left Glass is pure distilled water with distilled water Cubes, The glass on the right is Tap water. The explanation to this Lie is clear to us. Oftentimes the Glass in the middle is NOT BEER -It is the impurities left behind by tap water after distilling approximately 100 Gallons. You see, with Reverse Osmosis and atmospheric water generation both coming in close second, distilled water is the purest water in comparison to all other water purification systems.

Rain Water has no salt and yet rain water is the result of ocean water -rich in salt -turning into vapor and back into liquid form. It remained in the ocean as long as salt is heavier than water vapor. Since almost the majority of the impurities, and that’s why Distilled water is so pure, about 99percentage, are heavier than water vapor and are simply left behind in the distiller container. In fact, almost everything is heavier than water vapor and plenty of anything else that was not heavier than water is lighter than water and simply escapes into the atmosphere. However, distilled water is almost 100percent pure water, as close as nature intended, since water distillers go through a couple of stages of purification. Where did the salt go?

Distilled water is simply water that has gone from liquid to vapor and back to liquid.

di water generatorWater Distiller creates pure clean water in a similar process as Mother Nature but at a much faster pace. Leaving all the impurities behind, the water distiller captures the steam and condenses it in this particular way that the water vapor turns back into liquid water. Water from lakes or oceans which evaporated eventually producing rain -known as the Water Cycle. The water distiller takes water and heats it to the point of creating steam by boiling the water. In nature rain water is just that.

We are saying that the water quality from a water distiller is better than that of those other two systems, We’re not saying Reverse Osmosis and Atmospheric water generators are bad water purification systems, all systems have benefits and disadvantages determined by what the goal of the user is.

This statement tries to bring attention to the fact that Distilled Water removes minerals from water.

Distilled water is safe to drink, no doubt. This wrong statement is really appalling as long as these comments usually come from people who promote Reverse Osmosis. If distilled water is unsafe to drink, consequently the other water filtration systems, like Reverse Osmosis, are also unsafe to drink as long as explained earlier, the water quality of these systems are very similar to each other and close to being 100 pure water. That said, if you need them, Distilled water has the advantage that you can add minerals easily to your water for less than a penny per glass, minerals in your water ain’t natural. The other Fact is that Reverse Osmosis and most high end filtration systems also remove Minerals from the water. They do not remove minerals from your body, distilled water and reverse osmosis water lack minerals.


di water generator

Most decent water distillers have a multi stage filtration, that include an opening at the top of the distiller and for extra precaution, you can add as an option a Activated Charcoal Filter just like Reverse Osmosis Systems use. The combination of all these purification stages contained within the water distiller renders the water almost 100 pure. Fact, distilled water tastes great, just like Reverse Osmosis water and water created by a Atmospheric water generator. After drinking pure water most people can never go back to drinking bottled or tap water being that the taste of impure water is horrible.

Distilled pure water enhances the taste of coffee, juices, tea, lemonades, Clear Ice, and similar if people are not willing to switch to the great taste of pure water and enhancing the taste of other liquids, they can always add minerals to the water for less than penny per glass.

Are acidic drinks bad for you? Well, Orange juice and lemonades are far more acidic than water and yet they are not killing anyone, neither does pure water. So, whenever meaning they are slightly more acidic than water that has impurities, just like tap water or bottled water and Most people can not tell the difference, like any of other water treated to purity, Distilled water have lower PH values. Known if you’re concerned about the slight acidity you can always add minerals to the water for less than a penny per glass.

Distilled water is more accessible than ever. The most highly review Amazon distiller is the Water Distiller, Countertop, White Enamel, Glass Collection and Below are also common examples of water distillers. Also, it has also many health benefits, such as…, not only is distilled water the safest water to drink because of the lack of contaminants. Whenever giving you access to continuous pure water straight from the comfort of your home, Simple and sophisticated water Distillers are available and affordable.

Those who should still like to get minerals for any glass of water can easily add minerals to the batch of distilled water, even though minerals in water are not necessary.

While much of the tap water isn’t that great either… read more here. Of course, adding Minerals to Distilled Water Bottled water isn’t necessarily any safer than tap water, actually, the Federal Government estimates that 40 of all bottled water comes directly from tap water. Adding minerals to Distilled Water also helps increase… read more here.

The Environmental Protection Agency allows a higher degree of chlorine in tap water than the recommended chlorine levels for public swimming pools. It meets a… read more here, as the water vapor rises through the container. Therefore, chlorine in Water Generally, the most basic water distiller consists of a steel container which is heated to the point that water becomes vapor. Would you drink Water from your swimming pool? Normally, tap water may have more chlorine than your local swimming pool.


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