Pure Water Solutions – 2 Sliding Doors Open To Reveal A Short Shop Counter

pure water solutionsAt 1st glance, the bright redish shipping container that sits by the road side in a slum outside Johannesburg can’t look like something that might be able to transform a lot of lives.


Coke calls it a Ekocenter. Whenever cooking oil, and firstaid supplies, 2 sliding doors open to reveal a short shop counter, behind which sit rows of canned food, ilet paper. For instance, 2 faucets dispense free purified drinking water to anybody who wishes it. It masks the transformative technology hidden within the container, it was normally a pithy title. Solar panels on the roof force wireless Internet and a television, for occasional soccer game. Created generally by CocaCola and Deka Research and Development, newest Hampshire business founded with the help of inventor Dean Kamen, container has been meant being a kind of downtown in a box. A counterflow heat exchanger runs superheated water past incoming flow of dirty water. The analyze heats the incoming water and cools rather warm water to room temperature. That distilled water was always almost ready to drink, while the dirty water vaporizes and begins the sort out all over once more.


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