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reverse osmosis water healthOur body is comprised of approximately 70percentage water, and we are constantly losing that water through urine, feces, sweat, and mucous membranes.

The better distillers have a carbon filter to remove these volatile gases in the course of the condensation process. This fact is easily proven by exhaling on a mirror or glass and noticing the tiny beads of water on the surface. All this lost water from the body needs to be replaced! The question answered here is -What kind of water must this lost water be replaced with, this is the case right? Of course actually, we lose water with each breath we exhale. You should take this seriously. The one problem is the volatile chemicals, that are condensed in the final water container. It is distilling creates water with a neutral pH, kills all microorganisms even viruses, and removes fluoride as well as other harmful metals.

Other ways to filter water include reverse osmosis, ceramic filtration, silver impregnated filters, and multilayered filter systems, all of which have their privileges. Blood is sluggish and tends to clog the microscopic vessels in the organs, especially the brain, when you are dehydrated. It also makes the blood more going to clot…. Considering the above said. The big problem with most filters is that they do not remove fluoride Most physicians have observed that adults, the elderly particularly, do not drink enough water. This can lead to a lot of problems, including a higher risk of kidney disease and a greater risk of sudden heart attacks or strokes.

You will quickly realize that there’s presently a bunch of confusion and contradiction concerning the significant issue, I’d say in case you were to Google water concerning this issue.

There are others that promote reverse osmosis water, Kangan water, charcoal filtered water, and lots of other methods of conditioning water for drinking. For instance -some say distilled water is dangerous being that it removes the minerals from the water, is acidic, and contributes to bone loss. Others say that distilled water is the purest and best of all waters and does not cause the problems the critics of distilled water proclaim.

Because of the toxic chemicals chlorine and fluoride that are added to most public water supplies, most people realize the dangers of drinking water from municipal water supplies as it comes from the faucet, and the potential dangers to the body of the other toxins contained in tap water. They go on to tell how confused they are regarding the subject. Another question is. In the more than 1000 seminars I have delivered throughout the past 22 years, the most common questions I receive in the QA time is, What kind of water should I drink, am I correct?

Did you know that ever since God created all the water on planet earth at the time of creation, there has not been a drop of water added to or subtracted from that original amount that God created, this is the case right?

Distillation is a system put in place by God at creation to keep earth’s water pure. While leaving all minerals and contaminants behind, Water rises from the earth in the kind of water vapors. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… It after that, comes back down to earth from the clouds in a naturally distilled form as rain, frozen rain, or snow.

That said, this naturally distilled alkaline water percolates through the soil dissolving quite a few minerals that comprise the soil, when naturally distilled water strikes the earth. Minerals and nutrients from the soil are hereafter picked up by the roots of the plant, and with the assistance of the sun’s energy, the plant produces the fruits and vegetables that grow in the garden and that we eat. The water found in raw fruits and vegetables originated in the naturally distilled water that came from the clouds with the addition of the minerals and nutrients the roots of the fruit or vegetable plant added.

The liquid in the plants, often called the blood of the plant, is the very best liquid with which we can replace the body’s lost liquids!

That’s the reasons daily juicing of vegetables had been this important part of my life for almost 40 years. Rhonda and I juice a 25pound bag of organic carrots weekly, with the juice of organic celery, cucumber, beets, leafy greens, in addition to the distilled water that we drink.

All raw fruits and vegetables are comprised of anywhere from 70percentage to 90percent of this wonderful plant liquid. Many of us are aware that there is a very good chance that all the liquid they took into their bodies came from the fruits and vegetables they ate in the Garden of Eden, with regard to the kind of water Adam and Eve took into their bodies. Sadly, in the course of the distillation process. The solution was in place for many years, including the distillers made by WaterWise, the distillers distributed by Hallelujah Acres, and the distillers Rhonda and I have used for the past Surely it’s not a totally new development, All distiller manufacturers are aware of this issue.

For organic compounds that have a boiling point very close to that of water, the post distillation activated carbon filter will easily absorb the amounts present in distilled water. Absorption capacity of the carbon filter ain’t lost to fouling due to bacteria, viruses, spores, and minerals, since the water is very pure and hot during distillation. Volatile organic compounds are really a ‘nonissue’ with WaterWise water distillers, the kind the Hallelujah Diet offers.

The potential adverse effect of drinking distilled water is that it may pull a small quantity of minerals from the body.

For a person with marginal mineral intake, long period use of a high intake of distilled water could lead to long period of time negative health effects. For most people on a whole food, plantbased diet this shan’t be a real poser. Now let me tell you something. This solution is called HydroBoost and is available from Hallelujah Acres. For those with a concern, top-notch solution is to add a concentrated solution that remineralizes, alkalizes, and lowers the surface tension of the water.

Unlike minerals just like calcium carbonate that the water originally had in it before distillation, the resulting water has a very low quantity of ionic minerals in it that the body can fully utilize. This will remineralize the water and add some alkaline minerals to it as well, together with a great taste. Another good solution is to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a glass of distilled water.


Better solution is to use a distiller in combination with an activated carbon filter, when maximum options for purifying water are considered.

a few things must be removed, to get truly pure water. In tandem you can produce pure water, there ain’t a single process that does all of this. Distillation does an excellent job with minerals, viruses, and bacteria. Actually, doesn’t do much with mineral or metal contaminants, activated carbon does an excellent job with organic contaminants.

Certain filter resins remove a real poser. Fact, and So it’s recommended that a teaspoon of HydroBoostbe added to every gallon of RO water to improve the alkalinity of the water and add back some 70 ionic minerals, as long as O units remove the minerals it also produces slightly acidic water. Notice that reverse osmosis units rely on activated carbon to remove the organic contaminants.

This purified water hereafter passes through a charcoal filter to remove any gases that may have risen with the steam and later drops into a holding tank.

For the previous 42 my life years, I had been drinking the water that came from the faucet in my house, never giving any thought that the water from the tap may be potentially dangerous and harmful to my health. At about really similar time, I was encouraged to also change the water type I was drinking. The water that comes from this sort of purification produces water that is as close to pure as is available to us today.

The water type I was encouraged to consume was called distilled water. Wanting to do all I could to Actually I bought a large, square edged, next to impossible to clean, stainless steel water distiller and started making my own distilled water in my home and drinking this distilled water exclusively. The minerals left behind in the boiling chamber after distillation are the ones that accumulate in joints and lead to painful arthritis, cause kidney and gall stones, and join with cholesterol to form plaque and hardening of the arteries.

While resulting in weak and porous bones that will easily fracture, This statement seems to suggest that distilled water removes good minerals from the body, or as this health advocate claims sucks minerals out of your body,thus contributing to mineral loss from the bones.

From where my head was when I started the fall to where my head landed on a railroad tie was 16 feet. This has not been my personal experience with distilled water, nor that of my wife. Remember, right after drinking exclusively distilled water for I fell from the top of a ‘6foot’ ladder I was using to stain the outside of my cabin.

While throwing her down a problem to the concrete, Hallelujah Acres, a ‘pickup’ truck suddenly backed up as Rhonda was passing behind it. We are constantly hearing about older folks and their hip fractures, yet Rhonda survived this terrible impact on her hip without a fracture. Not one broken bone, she suffered contusions. So slight bleeding. Seriously. Rhonda is now 69 years old and is drinking exclusively distilled water since we were married rough with the concrete curbing.

An acidic SAD diet, not distilled water, is the cause of low bone density!

It removes all refined sugars, and refined grainflours, that are acidic. We stop consuming all these acid forming foods that cause bone loss. Both Rhonda and I will have suffered multiple fractures from the falls we experienced, I’d say if distilled water was the cause of low bone density and porous bones. Most drugs are also acidic. The Hallelujah Diet removes all highly acidic substances.

Of removing these acid foods from the diet, the body has no need to remove the alkalizing minerals from the bones to neutralize the acids contained in these foods. Thus, bone density is maintained on the Hallelujah Diet. Also, on the Hallelujah Dietwe do more than just maintain bone density, we increase bone density. Now please pay attention. The whole food, ‘plant based’ diet supplies an abundance of minerals that neutralize the impact of the small percentage of acid foods on the diet.

We are constantly providing the body with an abundance of alkalizing minerals in our dark green smoothies, vegetable juices, large salads, and BarleyMax -all high sources of organic alkalizing minerals, and the highest quality water.

Part of the Hallelujah Dietand lifestyle program includes resistance and weight bearing exercises, with stretching and cardiovascular exercises. These exercises, especially the resistance and weight bearing exercises, with a high intake of alkalizing minerals That’s a fact, it’s indeed 0 or above. Micro Essential Labs offers a low ionic pH paper called pHydrion Lo Ion available by calling them at 718 ‘338 3618’. Make sure you drop a few comments about it below. Hydro Boost#tabsnutrition to read the nutrition label of the Hydroboost. Does the distilled water with Hydroboost added become alkaline in my body after I drink it or is it supposed to be alkaline and requires a special low ionic pH paper to accurately test it. Have I been misinformed regarding acidity/alkalinity numbers? With all that said… WaterWise distiller for well as indicated by directions on the bottle, hydroBoost water is alkaline. It is showing 8 which is on the acidic side I do believe.

Kangan and ionized water is promoted for providing highly alkaline water. These units filter water, they do not purify it. They do not remove fluoride and many biological contaminants. Generally, one needs to be aware of the source water contaminants and deal with them appropriately before the water enters the ionizer. Whenever adding Hydro Boost will raise the pH to approximately 0, reduce the surface tension and increase the antioxidant potential, We believe distillation is a good method purify water and if one wants to alkalize it to a moderate level.

Reverse Osmosis system filters and requiring them to be replace each few months. The combination the issue you mentioned of allowing chemicals to react to the heating and become even more dangerous, the water is almost always more on the acid side. Keep reading. We have specialized in R/O for cover the kangen water? What is your get the kangen water? Kangen water and have a machine in your store.


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