Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review – Is It Dangerous For Your Health

reverse osmosis water healthAnd now here is a question. Is a reverse osmosis water filter good for you or not?

Others claim it’s actually dangerous for your health.


What’s the truth? Basically, some say it’s better method out there. The good. You don’t necessarily have to worry about chlorine, lead, bacteria, or anything in general.

reverse osmosis water health The bad. Obviously everyone wants 100percentage of the negative elements removed. Because minerals are larger than the smallest bacteria in water. Actually, the thing is, they are important for having healthy teeth and bones. Generally, a significant percentage of the minerals you consume come from water. The percentage of damage this causes is unknown. Remember, So there’re lots of filtration methods out there that take out a bunch of the negative elements -not all of them -while leaving in the minerals. There are a lot of purification methods that take out 99percentage of these 3 while leaving in the minerals. The bottom line.


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