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deionizationFracking operation.

America’s Natural Gas Alliance Innovation in desalination was a feature at the Blue Tech Forum in San Francisco last week. Copyright. Tyler Algeo, a research analyst at BlueTech Research, that patents for desalination technologies in 2010 were double the number filed in Desalination energy inputs are reduced more than 50 percent in the past decade.

Markets for desal are broad. Today I report highlights from a company working on radial deionization. On top of this, while consulting engineering practices, and government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, research groups. On Thursday, By the way I reviewed Porifera’s innovation.

deionization In accordance with its website, the startup Atlantis Technologies has created a lowcost. Gas. Consequently industrial waste water.

Whenever discharging the ions and removing them, when the capacitors have filled with ions, the system reverses the polarity. Technology passes it between two oppositely charged super capacitors, that attract charged ions, with the intention to desalinate salt water.


The company is calling the technology radial deionization. The ions pass through a ‘chargespecific’ membrane and are adsorbed onto the surface of the electrode.

The two and a half year old company was a finalist in the 2011 ImagineH2O Competition. The technology came out of funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a super capacitor to desalinate ocean water into drinking water for the troops.

The device has benefits in removing problematic salts, said CEO Pat Curran, and can clean water at up to 75 percent less cost than systems like reverse osmosis and brine concentrators.

The system can also handle silica, barium/calciumstrontium sulfate, produced water from fracking, and the waste from reverse osmosis processes. Accordingly the market is growing at 14 percent a year, he said, and is expected to be worth


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