Service Deionization (Sdi)

deionizationHigh purity water is an essential component in a wide range of process and production applications.


Increase efficiencies, reduce water and energy consumption we are well positioned to provide the broadest possible service to meet your needs, with today’s demands to improve product quality. We supply a large range of exchangeable cylinders with various water purification media’s to suit your application. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. The systems are easy to install and operate, and will produce water grade you require when you need it. Through our central regeneration plant, Veolia Water Technologies provides a constant supply of high quality deionized water and takes care of delivery exchange, regeneration and return of all SDI units.

Based in Dayton, Ohio, our regeneration plant is capable of handling more than 25000 resin m3 per month supporting four Service Deionization products and the Mobile Water Treatment service. This art state process couples the highest quality resin regeneration with true duty of care in environmental management, with high levels of water recycling and minimization of resin disposal.


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