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Trump is now accused by the Clinton campaign and with any of her Supreme Court nominees. We can add the Second Amendment to the Justices -they almost go -in a certain way, hand in hand, So if you -we can add I reckon the National Rifle Association. The Trump campaign explained that he was referring to the political unification of conservatives behind the Second Amendment. It is clear Trump was joking. At worst, Trump was talking about gun rights activists resisting the confiscation of their guns an idea as old as come and take it, or Charlton Heston’s cold, dead hands. Then again, that will not excuse an actual assassination threat, that this clearly was not. ThePostnoted the Clinton camp’s own interpretation, as expressed by Sen. They’re all ignorant sluts these days. You better don’t dare forget the press. It might be a tool that needs employed, I’d say if Hillary is elected. Remember, the Second Amendment is there to be a tool of the Republic to be used as a last resort. It is all there nice and tidy.

Nobody is advocating anything, just stating what the founders thoughts were way back hereafter and guess what.

The founders knew that one day there would come a time when corruption should prevail.


They were smart enough to see the writing on the wall well you should study history, the constitution and the declaration of Independence to understand. Please enlighten me!!! Amendment. Now let me ask you something. Who have I threatened???

You have a totally different reason for the 2nd Amendment, right?

You really ought to be arrested!

As long as people can peacefully vote to change the government. Maybe even the 1st. You can find more info about this stuff here. If the Supreme Court guts the 2ed. While we lose even more rights, How is VOTING preparing to change that??? Maybe it could in 20 years or so. Awesome site. Consequently, get on your bicycle and get yourself to Rio now! That is interesting. Oh my gosh.heads upChuck, you don’t have time for this silliness! Of course, estimates gathered from the latest communications have determined that GLOBAL WARMING in Rio to be at apex by December of this year. There are reports of breaches to the environment of enormous proportions. Sierra Club.interesting avitar. It is to be hoped -the problem is, the polling is probably wrong on both ends of the line, and identical ways of measuring this, basically has its problems.


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