Stage Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Filter For Home Z – Using Standard Lcd By Means Of Multimedia Control System

Commercial RO Machine

Advertising machine.

Using standard LCD, By means of Multimedia Control System, produces the New Generation Intelligent which load t

he information display and video advertising. Humanization design. Adjustable water temperature, display alarms cartridge life.

This isn’t what you are looking for, am I correct? While offering 7 Stage Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Filter for Home Z, HEPA Filter Ion and Ozone Air Purifier for Home, New Item Electric Water Heater Hot Water Maker 30L C and so on, Post an urcing Request Now 7 Stage Water Filter, Reverse Osmosis Filter for Home, Water Filter manufacturer / supplier in China. Ultra filtration. Adopt External Pressure Type Hollow Fiber ultrafiltration Technology. Filtration precision is Up to 01um. Effectively remove Bacteria and sporangiospore.


Retain useful minerals.

NC technology. Digital machine smart alert the time to replace filter. Water production, Abnormal pressure cut the supply of the water, filter battery lifetime reminders, Interval using water reminder functions. LCD panel is Noble and elegant. To guarantee the safety of drinking water

L ead removal technology. Add Calcium ion exchanger to carbon electrode and replace lead ions. Quickrelease type patent structure. Don’t need to cut off the water when changing the filter.

Streamlined appearance design. According to Chinese style, Smooth Lines And Shape, simple and clear.


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