Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your Iq: Dr Connett Also Gave A Series Of Talks To Various Councils

Organic New Zealand, andGrey Power, thence the seniors in New Zealand were getting the notification as well. Dr. Connett also gave a series of talks to various councils. His talks included the video presentation ofProfessional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation,which features 15 different scientists who have spent years investigating fluoride.

commercial water filterIn June, the ‘Ruapehu Taumarunui’ District Councilconfirmed their decision to stop fluoridating their water.

Connett individually and on top of that consulted proponents for their views. Eventually, more than 400 people took in the presentation. Citizens had arranged a massive billboard for the event to draw people in, and the attendance was so great they had to turn about 30 people away as all the seats were taken. Connett has also been traveling across North America. You see, the town has fluoridated their water supplies for the past 30 years, and their decision came after they had heard from Dr. London. Dr. Now look. The Upper Hutt City council also resolved to lobby Wellington Regional to stop fluoridation.

The truth is also gaining a foothold in Calgary, where the council has now voted against water fluoridation twice.

commercial water filter 2010 when citizens voted to halt fluoridation in Waterloo, Ontario another10 Canadian communitieshave halted fluoridation, since October. For a list of these communities as well as the American and NZ communities who have done likewise, please see theFluoride Action Networks website. I’m sure that the dominoes are beginning to fall in Canada, Waterloo, ntario alreadyvoted to end fluoridation last year. At this point, British Columbia and the province of Quebec are close to fluoridation free. In the ratifying vote, they voted 12 to 2 to end water fluoridation.

Peter Vallone. The movement is also gaining momentum in Austin. NYC, has already introduced a bill to get fluoridation out of a city of New York. Known also encourage you to isn’t yet won, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who participated in this process. Now is the time to really band together and continue chipping away at it. When New York City stops water fluoridation, some of the will have no choice but to follow suit.

While stating that parents shouldn’t use fluoridated water to mix baby formula, The Fluoride Action Network is also urging communities to pressure their local water departments to place a warning on the water bill.

His name is Stuart Cooper, and is based in New Hampshire. Of course, canada and the United States by contacting the representative for your area below. In November 2006, theAmerican Dental Association has issued this warningto its members the dentists but has failed miserably when it boils down to actually warning parents. The Fluoride Action Network now also has a dynamic and dedicated campaign manager to your personal campaign. He can be reached atStuart@FluorideAlert.

For even more suggestions for how you can get involved and make a difference to put a END to water fluoridation, please see theFluoride Action Network’s Action page. Either grow the Chrysanthemum in a pot and place it in the desired area of your garden, or plant Notice that pest control Sacramento has become amongst the most called for services in the city as pests are causing a nuisance in almost just about every house hold. Professional pest control is likely your best option, as such.

Distillation is only one way to 100percentage remove fluoride from water.

Distilling water gives 100 pure H2O, so here’s why universities and identical research institutions use distilled and double distilled water in experiments.

Whenever, the charcoal filters that the water drips through takes plenty of it out, and you can run it again through one of those, or indeed through one of those shower filters that takes 85percentage fluoride out. Some fluoride must was removed, Incidentally, my local water contain 5 ppm with a DS meter reads less than 1 ppm TDS, look, that’s, unless the TDS meter can’t read fluoride, that is possible. My water before distillation reads 550750ppm TDS.

The other method is fractional distillation, that will be a lot more successful I have read, though I am not 100percent sure about fractional distillation either.

Fluoride not only makes people less intelligent by damaging thyroid function, it kills brain tissue, whilst also stopping the part of the brain working that produces phosphatidyl serine, that compound which forms a part of brain tissue as well as being a part of the brain tissue replacement process. Check how much fluoride activated charcoal filters remove, you gonna be pleasantly surprised.

commercial water filter

Fluoride hits you at least 3 ways in the brain, and stops you producing enough phosphatidyl serine to replace brain tissue loss caused by fluoride. Usual food sources just are not adequate to keep up with the demand, especially in the USA where instant tea powder contains 90000 ppm fluoride, and dried egg powder 900 ppm fluoride, as that leads to the equivalent of a ‘minilobotomy’ any week there. As fluoride is also in pesticides, supplementation with phosphatidyl serine is a solitary answer clothing, carpets, Teflon and similar, that forms a toxic airborne gas when heated, and fluoride is now literally sprayed on to food during food processing in factories.

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Whenever leading to a massive reduction in dental caries, whilst the official result as far as the fraudulent UK York University report was that fluoridation in Cuba had produced a very substantial reduction in the incidence of caries in Cubans, Fluoride is thus quite an effective weapon against a hostage Gentile population in many ways, and the report in Nexus magazine So it’s totally clear that enemies of the people, Bolsheviks, are in power, and that they are slowly destroying the people without having to use guns, or blatant violence, when governments lie like that.

Very good info. Only people with clear minds and loving hearts can see it, as plain as daylight. Generally, I remain optimistic. Considering the above said. Yep, our gummint is really what we need to focus on as it’s largely, almost totally, under the control of the Zionists. Oftentimes just kill yourself now for being pathetically beyond stupid, if you reckon that. Fact, one is devoted to fluoride and the other to POagainst, and all that I take massive amounts of iodine/iodide look for me to believe they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars implementing fluoride treatment plants to protect peoples teeth, right? Certainly, the psyops is ongoing and intensive.

commercial water filter

After six months I had only nine local members.

Whenever containing 23 sodium fluoride, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, barium and polonium, they poison Our water with fluorosilicic acid, a toxic waste cocktail from the smoke stacks of their fertilizer plants. That was the end of that. The psychotic, ‘fakeJewish’ Khazarian Zionists invented water fluoridation in Hitler’s concentration camps to pacify their prisoners. The latter three poisons are known radioactive carcinogens.


They advertise it on TV as if it were a nutrient. Even distillation can only remove about 20percentage of it. Our waste water discharges and agricultural ‘fluoridebased’ pesticide run off perpetually poison our rivers which perpetually poison our oceans which in 60 years killed America’s lovely coral reefs that took millinea to form. WalMart sells baby formula water with added fluoride. As long as fluoride molecule has only one more atom than water, no known filtration process can remove much fluoride from fluoridated water. Then, take your marker with you to WalMart to mark these as RAT POISON.

Lugol’s Iodine.

Jews, Jews. What these idiot anti semites don’t understand as long as they feel so emboldened with a tiny bit of internet information is that most of us are aware that there is a difference between right wing fascist zionists and quite a bit of the jewish population of this planet. This is to counteract the effects of fluoride. Do follow the protocol, free download, at http, Therefore in case you are intending to take plenty of iodine. One thing that these you tube watchers have concluded is that all jews are responsible and that everybody evil is a jew.

Anonymous at 13 said ~~ cant we have a filter system installed in housed for those who didnt seek for flouride in their water, am I correct? Insensitive and naive! Are you serious, is that the case? You think the single mom with 2 kids that works 10 hour days to pay the rent and buy food gonna be able to afford a filtration system, right? With that said, you realize exactly how many Americans are just barely surviving, right?

commercial water filter


Those who rise up will should be left behind wondering why they have diabetes or cancer or autism or Alzheimer’s or ADHA or Asthma or Crohn’s or MS or Parkinson’s or pick a disease. Your article is inaccurate. Basically, the ones who do NOTHING -I feel for them. That’s right! Portland voted to fluoride the water against the will of many protesters.

Joseph Stalin who was a Jew was the first to use fluoride in the water system of his prison labor camps. Adolph Hitler, the son of a Jew, was the second to use fluoride in his prison labor camps.

Here in the US, the zionist that funded Hitler were the third to use fluoride in a prison labor camp we call the USA.

It is the Jews stupid. They make good cannon fodder for the merchants of death, good flag waivers for the wars for oil and easy to exploit by the tiny minority of people that are not vaccinating their children that control a number of the wealth in the US. Who are those people, this is the case right? It makes people hyper sensitive to what others think of them -, a personality trait of a secondary psychopath.

The woman that exposed that there were dual water systems under the streets with RFID control K valves was murdered. We are being drugged and destroyed through pharmaceuticals, food, water and even being sprayed with barium to turn us into drooling idiots. It’s a well imagine my surprise.

Keep up the good work of informing the people.

Knowledge is the first step to regaining our freedom. As And so it’s nothing more than a weapon against Gentile people, jews as being behind fluoridation whom Jewish leaders see as nothing more than demonic, non living, satanic souls that are worthy of nothing more than slavery and after all death, and hereupon suffering in eternal hell afterwards. We will have to create the generation that saves us but we are destroying them with vaccines that turn them into psychopaths.

commercial water filtercommercial water filter

The ‘so called’ information that Hitler drugged people with fluoride was sourced from one propaganda writer alone who could never substantiate his allegation that Hitler used fluoride on people in camps. Operation Paperclip was just a bunch of captured German slaves in the US, and they certainly never went on to lead any Nazi 4th Reich in the US, though many zombified people are still totally hoodwinked into believing that the US will totally destroy Germany, therefore put Germans in charge of the US. The same race of people as those people who initiated the slaughters of tens of millions of Christians in Russia, are now in power in the UK and the USA, and they are certainly neither members of the NSDAP, or Causasians. Jewish propaganda can lend seeming solidarity to such mere wind. You should take this seriously. So there’s real proof that the Russian Jewish Bolsheviks really did use fluoride on people. Remember, the ‘evidence’ amounts to nothing more than his ‘say so’ alone.

While leading to the intended total world domination by the Jewish master race, and their trick, Hitler tried to stop the very people who are doing this to us today, by opposing Marxism, that was intended by Marx and the Bolsheviks to exterminate all other races and peoples in a revolutionary holocaust. Whenever leaving only the Jews to occupy the entire planet, as their Talmud and Torah state very clearly, See ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ to see why the Jewish version is a pack of lies, intended to make Gentiles fight against Gentiles until they all exterminate each other. To tell the Gentiles that the Germans thought that they’ve been the master race and that they wanted to take over the world and kill or enslave all other peoples.

The German Ministry of Finance Minister stated in a letter that by July 1, 1979 5360710 claims for compensation had been received.

While learning agricultural skills and similar, and a medal was struck to commemorate this fact, Jews were transported by NSDAP ships to Palestine after receiving as soon as the war was lost that Stalin and rhe US declared Israel a state, and Bolshevik Jews flooded in from Russia, to make Israel the nightmare terrorist criminal state it’s today. Whenever as pointed out by official US army scientific reports, though the Nuremberg trials never allowed that evidence to be admitted, with total estimates for all Jewish camp deaths ranging from 50000 to 70000, the Official International Red Cross total for deaths in all racial groups in all camps was just 271305, with not single death caused by any type of gassing. Communist’ Jews fought for Hitler. Can you see where the 6 million went? That’s interesting. When he lost the war that was forced on him by the slaughter of 58000 exiled Germans living in Poland, he lost all power to regulate the power of the Jews, in Mein Kampf. This kind of a state should quickly form a terrorist entity against the entire world.

Jews was the official world population of Jews in ‘prewar’ years, and will grant Israel statehood,, those figures are confirmed in a lot of different censuses, a couple of them made by the ews themselves,. Don’t make me laugh. Of course hitler certainly never committed any holocaust, see the book ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed. Now let me tell you something. So in case he had been a Jew he could easily have joined Stalin openly and never fought him than the majority of the world, and instead enabled him to take over all of Europe, just as the Marxists wanted. Furthermore, they’ve been hardly bloodthirsty monsters, Germany practiced organic farming throughout, and all SS members were encouraged to be vegetarian. With that said, debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie’ by Victor Thorn to thoroughly know the effect of a massive propaganda campaign to make most people believe in the lie that 6 million died in some ‘holocaust’ as well as the false stories about horrific medical experiments and the lies about fluoridation, an entirely Jewish Bolshevik weapon, used to keep their goyim slaves down. Have you heard about something like that before, this is the case right? Judaism. He could simply have let Stalin do exactly what he wanted to Germany and some of Europe, just as he had done in Russia and the Ukraine, So if he wanted to serve the Jews as a Jewish agent. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Hitler, a Jew, right? Usually, it’s they and they alone who use fluoride. Consequently, Some call it Marxism, Rabbi Stephen Wise said.

They seek for us not to oppose Socialism and Communism and tell us that ‘Socialism’ is for ‘everyone’. Don’t blame the enslaved Jews for the psychotic Khazarian Zionists’ perpetual, covert War On Humanity! In the January and February 1849 his journal problems ‘Neue Rheinische Zeitung’ held in the French National Library, Karl Marx published articles calling for the extermination of whole races in Europe. Was Hitler really a bad guy for striving to stop the Marxists? Socialism is only intended to be shared between members of the Tribe. There are many Jewish organizaions opposing the Zionists, who hijacked the governments and currencies of the free world. The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust. Some information can be found easily by going online. The Zionists have enslaved the Jews just like they have enslaved most of Us.

Ummm your history is wrong dude.

Maybe as a rule of a thumb, have brought up that the title of the article is wrong 25″ studies? Therefore, looks like one from New Zealand to me. Stalin was from Georgia. Stalin wasn’t a jew and Hitler was the son of a jew. Its pedohistory as best. Let me tell you something. Hitler had Soloman in his family line but like 2 grandparents back. You see, aldi, the affordable grocery store, has announced that their new policy regarding pesticides and GMO foods.

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