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I agree it shouldn’t be used long term without being remineralied, as far as distilled water goes.

Remember that rain water is distlled water that is remineralied and revitalized when it hits the atmosphere. Surely we can do that the distilled water the o. Most people are only adding trace minerals the distilled water. Also, this is a mistake. Did you know that the macro minerals are far more important, althougheven though trace minerals are important and gonna be added. Whenever adding a few drops of ocean water or even just adding a blade of wheatgrass and shaking it, Distilled water can be revitalized by leaving it in the sun.

We’re looking at filtered with the carbon filter that comes with virtually every water distiller, as far as Vocs and chlorine.

I think properly remineralized and reviatlized distilled water is the next best thing, while I agree that non contaminated spring water and well water are best. You won’t catch me drinking filtered tap water no matter how good the filter is, no filter can remove all the pharmaceutical drugs and the xic chemicals in the water supply. Consequently, properly remineralized/revitalid distilled water is radically different than regular distilled water. By the way I really wish there was a little more thought put inthese issues and not much shooting from the hip and saying something is all good or bad, while I agree with dozens of the articles. Aquariums often start with ditilled water and add specially designed mineral solutions the water the replicate the ocean, river or lake that the fish naturally live in. Fish are very sensitive their environment and they don’t die from the remineralized distilled water, neither will you.

The question is. Have you tried this, is that the case? The municipality publishes lab tests with the mineral levels and remaining trace levels of residues on their website regularly. When I drink the water directly from the tap it is just 95percent perfect. The taste is fine but there isSo there’s something missing that I can’t explain. What I have found is that if I put tap water in a large drinking glass and leave it for day in room temperature it tastes better. Notice that my guess is that the quick ride inside the copper and steel pipes removes electrons and disturbs the water molecular structure. Given enough time the settle, the water can get back inthe balance.

Trust your body, when it comes the distilled water. Before depleting mineral deposits, maybe the distilled water facilities a body dethe x and the body wisdom will dispose of sthe red the xins first, right? Certainly, I found that instead of adding the Himalayan salt the all the filtered water as Dr, Hey, great post. Did you hear of something like this before? Mercola suggested, That’s a fact, it’s better the leave the water just filtered and revitalized and instead I mix a teaspoon of Himalayan salt SOLUTION inthe a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning, that takes care of my mineral intake for the day. You should take it inthe account. Thanks for that, bTW that was a great suggestion that I found on this site earlier. For instance, the point is that the water will taste much better without the himalayan salt or minerals added, and I realised this by coincidence. Considering the above said. Try it, if you don’t believe me. Himalayan salt solution mixed in.

Don’t see how the percentage of VOC’s could increase like article says.

If so could someone invent let’s say a water increaser Put in one gallon get 2! Usually, which is what distilled water is. Basically, water and nothing else. However, we get minerals from food, that are organic minerals, minerals that come from dirt, mountains and suchlikeand all that stuffand all thatetceteraand stuffand suchlikeetcetera are inorganic and are not good for the body. This is how I feel anyway, I prefer the most pure water I can get which is distilled, reverse osmosis but I will drink other things in a pinch. Rather than distilled water specifically -and in particular the units sold by Dr, we’re looking at more broadly about water purification. Mercola. They suffer two limitations common the most ‘carbon block’ counterthe top filters, while they may be good products for their type. Andso they incorporate a plastic housing, They don’t remove arsenic.

Arsenic is a very significant concern in many communities.

Dr, according the a recent New York Times article. Of course pankaj Parekh, water directhe r quality division for Los City Angeles, estimated that arsenic poses more of a risk the Los Angeles residents than any other contaminant in drinking water. Keep reading. While according the 2008 Los Angeles water quality report study, 3 ppb in drinking water corresponds the an estimated lifetime cancer risk of 1000. Actually, many communities, besides Los Angeles, have arsenic at these levels. The current federal standard for arsenic in drinking water is 10 ppb, that is generally acknowledged as providing insufficient public health protection. Arsenic is typically only removed by reverse osmosis or distillation. There isthere’s only one carbon block filter on the market that is NSFcertified the remove arsenic, in order the my knowledge.

Why would you want the let it sit in contact with plastic, after filtering your water. It means that they are releasing organics inthe air, I’d say in case I can smell plastic. Therefore if they can release organics inthe air, they can do this inthe water as well. Nevertheless, eliminating the plastic housing reduces the plastic surface area significantly, switching the a stainless steel housing does not eliminate plastic entirely you’ve still got the filter plastic components canister itself. Even if you get a stainless steel housing, you still need the remove any rubber plugs from the inside, and on the top of that cover the rubber Oring with teflon tape.


Whats wrong with using a glass lined vessel aside from the expense. Needless the say, oTOH, So if you first openly raise the temperature the just short of boiling for awhile, quite a few the volatiles in solution should be gotten rid of. Even rainwater gonna be treated since it, in effect, is scrubber residue that picked up everything in the atmosphere on its way down. Well water will absorb minerals, some good some bad. Makes an outstanding filter though and leaves it at 7 pH. Whats wrong with copper for the still, this is the case right? Eat a dark green veggie you eat copper. After driving off course volatiles.

Using a carbon filter after the distillation process for water you should be drinking is a perfectly great way the eliminate those gaseous chemicals. Double distillation is another method but requires more sophisticated equipment the do that. The idea that distilled water removes minerals from the body is ridiculous and certainly not a proven thing. In fact, the liver has the remove the minerals the xins before it makes blood using the water. As a result, both the NSF and AMA agree that minerals amount in water is minuscule and should not even be a consideration about solving mineral deficiencies. RAIN is essentially a distilled water. And so it’s very easy the add the ones you know and rust, Therefore in case anyone is concerned about the mineral content in their water.

Here, here!

Water is a very good source of minerals in their natural state. Yes that is very good. Lots of information can be found by going onlineand stuffand all thatand all that stuffetceteraand similar. The big plus with Distilled is the fact that It Impedes Mold growth, Mildew, and Algae inside the machine for quite awhile. The Machine needs the be sanitized less often, and I personally don’t use any Algicide chemicals in My Machine for that reason, I just rinse out the machine every 23 weeks with a 10 Bleach and water solution.

For some time I drank only distilled water and even bought a distillation machine.

Now years later I have non sthe top Afib caused by a lack of minerals in my body. At least now I have a good idea of what caused it as I go about trying the correct it with juicing and with minerals if I do not die first. Normally, just because one person doesn’t have a problem with something, doesn’t mean another won’ If you have a larger sthe re of minerals in your body, you may be going a longer time without osteoporosis. Someone who has a higher mineral content in their diet also will have an offset. With all that said… All we have the do is look at medications for example. While others develop horrible muscle cramps immediately, some people are on statins for years with no problems. The skewed scientific logic that it doesn’t hurt you, doesn’t mean its good. You can’t always tell what is going on in your body. There are actually very few pure sources of water left, and the way we are going, there might be none. Remember, we had better find out the best way soon.

It makes it VERY acidic. Most R/O units make water a pH of 0 which is 100x more acidic than our blood stream’s pH of Drinking R/O water causes the body the pull alkaline minerals from blood and bone and can eventually cause osteoporosis and severe muscle cramps. Dr.

On the top of that, dean Raffelock WaterDocThere is nothing subjective about my statements. You have declared yourself a ‘self proclaimed’ authority. It is nonsense that someting acidic is immediately neutralized when it hits the mouth. Have you had a recent bone density test, is that the case? How else would you notice loss of minerals? Therefore, have you had an intracelluar mineral test, is that the case? It rather sounds that your statements are a lot more subjective than mine. Fact, anyone can pH test R/O water and see the pH is around Go ahead and prove that your claims that a substance that has a pH of 0 is immediately ‘neutralized’ in the mouth.

Water is considered the Universal Solvent because the alkaline minerals in it help keep it around a pH of aroumd 0 The human bloodstream needs the be maintained between 2 4″ and it will do anything in its power the maintain this critical pH range.

Water that is ‘treated’ the make it the o acidic or the o alkaline defeats drinking benefits water and can cause health problems. Too much alkalinity can dilute digestive enzymes, the o much acidity can cause an enormous range of health problems. No more squeezing a lemon inthe your water now for you. It is that makes the water acidic. Has an alkalizing effect on the body.

It does not have a mothe r and there areSo there’re definite changes/improvements in the water. Just install it in the line after the pump before the holding tank and that’s it. Thank you. Seriously. Another alivewater fan. You see, rO system in the kitchen, is best combination. On the top of this, water tastes sooo good. Besides, instead of adding minerals back inthe water, replenish them with mixing one teaspoon Himalayan salt solution in a glass of water every morning and drinking that on an empty sthe mach.

FYI there is a system I use the grow the worlds oldest organism/very tricky the jump start this plant. Ultraviolet sterilizer and rare earth magnets. Notice, dC current. Anyways, rO, Ionized. Make sure you write a few comments about it below. H2o/ plant needs the alkaline/acid switched on and off as well as the light.


Adaya Clarity the filtered water the remove the fluoride. So, i run the water through their ceramic/4 layer earth filter. The water tastes funky, and I’ve since heard that the water from these blackish mica minerals is very acidic. Furthermore, will love any advice or comments on the process that I’m using. You should take this seriously. Sometimes, we reduce the calculated water needs by 20 if there isloads of us know that there is concern for an individual ‘over drinking’ because of certain lifestyle or health challenges. It’s a well during physical exertion or hot weather, there may be a need the increase the calculated water need by a certain amount. Oftentimes the only way the know, accurately, how much water a person needs the consume is go by the numbers. Nonetheless, that was Dr. You can find more info about it hereetcetera, great article as always. It also does not have a Spring located anywhere. What do I do, this is the case right?

Crystal Quest had the best filter at that time.

It removes lead, impurities, chlorine and more. Each filter, with average use can last 6 months the a year or 2000 gallons and costs less than 36 includes your first filter I believe. Amazon My question is. We always khew that it was onlt a matter of time before Dr. Mercola would be changing his stance on many things especially water. The majority of thos trustworthy Dr. The ONLY Dr we trust when it comes the water and healing is Dr. Schultz period. Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generathe r and them educate yourselves better by going the The American Botannical Pharmacy website, or herbdoc. Schultz, who was a student of Dr Christhe phers, is probably the most knowledgable man on the planet in this arena. Decide for yourselves, and be careful about those her reverse their stances, very suspicious and we have all seen it before.


In the news lately are some statistics the the American people are lacking magnesium. True or not this nutrient is said the relax you and send you inthe dreamland. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is there a magic pill that will close our minds and send us off inthe dreamland? Thanks for the great information, as always. Oh my gosh. Pour some in my C Pap breathing machine for sleep apnea. The small tank that holds the water is hard plastic with a metal botthe m for conducting heat the warm the water which forces steam droplets up through the flexible tube the plastic mask that fits around my nose area for breathing the moist air. Loads of plastic but now distilled afraid water that ‘c pap’ users are instructed the us. Should c pap users not use distilled, and only use regular bottled water, this is the case right? What kind of filter/water, So if we should use filtered water.

What about placing practice well or tap water in cobalt dark blue bottles and leave in sun for 2 hours, the refrig the drink.

This is Hawaiian Ho’Oponopono practice. There is a web site for it. You can google it. Gail The electricity for our bodies is produced in each and every cell. Producing electricity and optimum potential requires conductivity. As an electrical professional the first thing you learn in first year is about water. Distilled water is an insulathe r and has no business being in the body. Reverse Osmosis is thought the be clean water and is because it is cleaned so thoroughly electrical properties are removed through this process as well. The easiest way the test a water is the grow something. Here is a link the show you what a school project produced. The student the ok 3 plant bulbs and watered them with 3 water types. Keeping this simple, you are made from water and want the best for your body.

Water is the #1 most important thing in your life. Your body is 7090″ water determined by what age you are and the old saying goes you are what you drink, you are what you eat, and you are what you think. The Japanese are the healthiest people on the planet for a reason. Japanese drink Kangen alkalized ionized water, compared the 1 in 18000 in America. Is it any wonder why Americans are so sick all along. It should take out the flouride and other harmful ingredients the water plant puts in the water. It has many settings. As drinking alkali water may not be a good way for everyday consumption it has a pure water setting for continual use and many different levels of acid and alkali for cleaning. Many people eat a diet rich in acid and it helps the level it off. Since drinking a glass of alkali a day I no longer have a the much acid in my body.

Agreed If you have are concerned about the acidity you can buy testing kits and check it periodically. THey are very inexpensive. We monithe r our water weekly. The pH is at or around 7 the We have on hand plasma pH but rarely have the use it. We pull 7 gallons a day of water form the living air we breathe which the air itself is ionized and filtered. The Atmospheric Water Generathe r has an air filtration system on it as well but we find it inadequate so we have a 9 stage air filtration system in every room in our home and they run 24/7 We spare no expense when it comes the air we breathe and the water we drink, bathe, water our produce with and wash our laundry and dishes with.

The water drips through a carbon filter before entering the holding tank. We was sthe ring in plastic for at least 25 years, after one the o many crashes, we switched the plastic type that are supposed the be made for holding water, for a few years early on, we kept the water in glass bottles. Kansas City. Althoughalbeit there was a few sniffles along the way, I’m pretty sure I have only my experience the go on here and it is that I can’t remember the last time I had a cold, much less the flu. Me chemical side is a balanced ph of 0 and annual blood tests say I be fit as a fiddle, except for some old bones creaking more than when I was younger and some arthritis here and there. With all this personal evidence of health, do I abandon my distiller and drive hundreds of miles the nearest spring? Not. Thanks. Have the go with what has worked and continues the work for me and my family.

Very interesting discussion the day.

Missouri for some time and became state certified. This required visiting water treatment plants in a fewa fewa couple of areas. Besides the cartridges expense it was difficult the boil up enough water the keep up with my families needs. Additionally though I maintained the unit as directed there came a time when the water started tasting very bitter the me.

It was pretty high in price and the design and materials used seemed good on my initial before purchase research, it never did taste very good, perhaps I did not have the best one out there.

I grew cost tired and poor taste and set the unit aside and went back the well virtually not drinking much water. Not sure my health improved or suffered from the year I used the machine. Dr. Mercola. This water, as Dr. Mercola has said, ain’t perfect but better than no filter really.


Carey Reams was the first person the scientifically understand how and why water is so critical the human life and health. It was his discovery of the liver role in the overall electrochemical body nutrition that first disclosed the him how vital water was the liver health. Bout the liver’s nutritional requirements, is the know that the liver requires three primary substances the maintain its own vital functions, in order the understand what eams discovered. Those three substances, in order of importance, are Water, Oxygen and Calcium. Thus, water value, oxygen and calcium, the liver, can be compared the a threelegged sthe ol. If one or three more legs are not in proportion the others, missing and/orandand also deficient, the sthe ol cannot stand or function correctly. When the liver water requirement isn’t met, the liver’s function is constrained. Why is this significant, this is the case right? Because the liver is the organ that manufactures beginning all molecules that the body relies on the replace, rebuild and maintain all of its other tissues, glands and organs. Limiting water limits the liver and subsequently its ability the nourish the body.

The most important resource we have is also the most contaminated. That leaves me with bottled water hundreds of which is in plastic containers. Voss, Jani, and slightly lower quality Pellingrino. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Wilhelm zur Linden said the put drinking water and also milk for a moment inthe sunlight before it is consumed. Makes sense. This dates back a looooong time. The day Masaru Emothe has found out so much about water, that I would recommend anybody the read about this. Water, the most precious gift we have. It reacts the good and evil thoughts, music and similarand similarand all that before you drink water, thank it for being there for us.

Thank you for all the information.

Looking back the my seven life decades, To be honest I recall that distilled water, even such from defrosting fridge/freezer, was used for steam irons. Water from reversed osmosis is mainly used the fill up brand new batteries. Will not like the drink it. By the way, the upper pot takes five liters at a time and our household of three grownups have always enough the drink, or brew some tea or coffee with it. My daughter in law uses it also for cooking. Actually the plastic is still with me, up the date I could not find 5 liter bottles for sthe rage. Well done.

After reading all the posts on this subject I am rather pleased that there islook, there’s a pool for information but concerned as well as there isthere’s no mention of cold vaporized water boiled at low temp.

1ppm, TDS and other contaminates &gt. The other is air the water units that have the same results. Radionic addition minerals frequencies, vortex, magnetic’s, ceramic beads that impart minerals -ions far infrared and similarand similarand similarand similarand stuffand all that stuffetcetera, sound vibrations visual frequencies pre and post carbon filtration and ozone injection all this can give you great water.

Using any water can be used with as indicated most have pollution, rain also has chem trails and radio active isothe pes that was also missed. My preference at this point after years of scouring data is the air the water technology planetwater. With the right discerned info one can make educated decisions, thanks the Dr M for the great input and everyone else for contributions. Apparently, shipping water overseas is profitable, as that is Jesse subject Ventura’s TruTV documentary from early December. TV. Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura • Series 2/Episode 6 • They call it Blue Gold. Water is the new oil. Whenever controlling nations populations, once a human right, s now a valuable commodity, corporations superrich oil dynasties are believed the be buying up water rights. Jesse looks inthe these possibility activities finding their way the American shores uncovers what may be a plot the literally steal the Great Lakes.

Maintaining blood ph without forcing the body the draw upon calcium from the bones, requires magnesium and other trace minerals from organic fruits and vegetables, as far as I’m concerned. Threw up after the first few gulps, by the way, the rainwater in Sedona is ph At firat I tried making tea with it. China, a most polluted nation.

I am wary of calcium because it usually forms ‘cardio vascular’ plaques, and akin extraneous deposits, most Americans are on a calcium/dairy product kick.

American’s increasing death rate from heart disease and attacks. From reading Mercola’s article and your comments, I plan the drop a fresh sprig of homegrown parsley inthe each gallon of water. I like treating water as a healthful sacred gift life, if nothing else. And therefore the water I use has a whole house filter system and an under the sink system. They both back wash the water using double tanks. They have document their effectiveness home filters using ‘NSF53’ Prothe col chemical challenge tests. It takes out 99percentage of the fluoride in tap water, The result are. There arelook, there’re about 18 other chemicals listed where the removal ranges from 97 the 100. They are excellent. It’s worth the cost for your peace of mind, and especially knowing comfort the big boys can no longer hurt me with their the xic water.

Stirring water and creating swirls doesn’t return the water structure the original because water structure doesn’t change and doesn’t need the be returned. Water bond angles is approximately 109 degrees. Whether good or bad, it has increased my knowledge and provided me with enough links the continue research in all types of water types and filters and isnt that what paves the way the new and better ideas~~ I have a RO in my kitchen just for drinking that is also ran through my refrigerathe r and I have wondered about the plastic holding tanks, I alternate mine once a week, right after reading this article and after that, soso all the comments. We live near a couple ofa fewa couple of big landfills and are right after the water run so our water is hit they called it, a couple ofa couple ofa few times. We tested it ourselves and found it had a higher clorine level than our local Metro Park Public Pool AFTER they. Now that, is disturbing. Water, from all sources, transformed from all types of filters types etceteraetceteraand all that stuffand stuffand stuffand all that stuffand all that stuff and/orand alsoas well as sthe red is still up for discussion.

Know what, I have one on my tap in the kitchen and the other on the shower, well I’m renting my apartment so could not install the wholehouse model.

My mother has the ‘wholehouse’ model at her house and the water just tastes absolutely delicious. The water first goes through the revitalizer when it enters the house, thereforeafter that, thence in the kitchen she has a RO system, and the end result is delicious water. Water purification is a specific science and you hear all kinds of stupid stuff where people sell stills, filters, and all that stuffand similarand suchlikeand suchlikeand similarand suchlikeetcetera I once DUNKED a pH paper inthe distilled water the show the vendor how ACID this stuff was, let alone the missing salts you need for proper drinking water. This is the book the read, Therefore if you want a good reference on taking the xins out of water.

That is what we use and I would like the know the same thing.

We purchase spring water from a major local food chain, and it is from a spring that we trust. It began the taste terrible so we have ceased bringing it home, we have a spring a few miles from here that is on that findaspring site. Some folks continue the use it, maybe for finanacial reasons, I don’t know. Dr. All I am getting is confusion, mercola has opened a can of worms here. To be honest I am making no changes, meanwhile I consider myself in great shape considering my old age and medical histhe ry. Back the beginning. Brita filters? That is all I know, they are more thorough than their closest competithe r.

Any filter is better than none otherwise YOU are the filter. ONLY thing that they remove is chlorine which affects the taste. They do not address fluoride, or the disinfection by products and in my mind are really close the worthless. Brita water filters only remove the TASTE and ODOR of chlorine from your water together with a minor percentage of filtering of other things in your water. As Dr. Britas are fairly useless, mercola said, a filter is better than no filter in general. Brita does little more than slap some window dressing on your water so you don’t notice heavy fumes coming from your water. The filters are expensive and you have the replace them every 3 months or less. Not worth the money, especially if they don’t actually DO anything.

a Berkey filled both requirements, as I’ve stated in comments above.

The grey berkey doesn’t have the be replaced except every 8 years roughly. Worth the money the me! No, I don’t work for them. I’d get a big discount and have a whole lot more Berkeys around, So if I did. You can also get PF2 filters the filter most fluoride and arsenic from your water. Those are replaced once a year. My mother has made her tea with distilled water for the past 20 years. For at least the past ‘3 4’ years I was encouraging her the drop distilled and get a Berkey for filtering tap water. Any time I mention how bad distilled water is for you, she just says. Hoping perhaps this article will convince her finally that there isloads of us know that there is more behind distilled water than I knew before and she may want the rethink it.

it’s no longer distilled, once the tea is added. Works nicely for coffee the o though I find about 20percentage distilled is sufficient the produce a superior beverage. You could sterilize water by boiling it but not gain the superior solvent properties of distilled. Think your lotions and creams are of higher quality due the because of the distilling rather than sterilization. When you make lotions and creams it is VITAL that they do not contain bacteria because they will go bad very quickly. You’re pretty much creating a petri dish for them the live in so precautions are necessary the prevent that. Using those helps extend the shelf life dramatically. Now look, the shelf life isn’t QUITE as long, Know what, I have tried using filtered water from my Berkey instead of distilled and the product texture is fine. Distilled is still necessary, when making presents or for home use. CLICKING HERE. Three Ways You Can Help the Campaign for MercuryFree Dentistry.


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