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You can choose to have a 6 month filter kit shipped to you every 6 months, or a 1 year kit shipped to you nearly any 1 year. You may use your discount to purchase Reverse Osmosis Filters and UV Bulbs separately.


There should be a media event on Aug 12, 2016 to show the Flint Community the initial donations that our California Company, EcoloBlue, has made. Please attend the event and see what you can do to help. Furthermore, please contact Lance Stokes at 8104075111, or please attend the event at the following location and time, if you are able to help. They are seeking donations from organizations, and the general public, to assist with the cost of installation, maintenance, training, and future filter replacements. Just think for a moment. We do not want any more broken promises for Flint, and we are committed to fulfilling our promise of 392079821.html, is that the case?utmmedium=socialutmsource=twitterABC12WJRT

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