The Definitive Guide To Demineralized Water: Please Join Awwa As We Celebrate Water

demineralized waterFor more than 35 years the American Water Works Association and its members have celebrated Drinking Water Week -an unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to join together in recognizing the vital role water plays in our daily lives.

Please join AWWA as we celebrate water! Bit about me, as it’s my first post, before we begin. Eventually, I’m JoAnne Cluth and I head up the customer service department at online water filters company WaterFilters. Normally. Actually, whenever meaning we have no vested interest in any one particular solution, We sell an incredible various water filters and filtration equipment.

I’m almost sure I personally have a vested interest in providing you with the most accurate information possible, while my company does not have a vested interest in any one particular water type filter or filtration system. Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialist If I were to intentionally publish inaccurate information, the WQA could very quickly revoke my CWS credentials. It’s a well what exactly is demineralized water, in order to get started. Now please pay attention. Water is, flat out, an amazing solvent. It dissolves small amounts of nearly everything it touches. Therefore, these various substances are so mingled in with the water as positively or negatively charged ions.

demineralized water

demineralized water Whenever separating and recombining forming potentially millions of molecular substances, relying upon the specific water chemistry, as it relates to what’s in your drinking water, ll better know these ions as calcium, magnesium, arsenic, aluminum, potassium, etcetera Average municipal water has a huge kinds of ions that are constantly combining.

While meaning the ions been removed by any of a couple of possible methods including deionization water filters, reverse osmosis or distillation, Demineralized water is deionized.


The WQA was invited by the WHO to respond to the study and their response can be seen here. The WQA concluded that there simply are not enough minerals at stake to make any significant difference, especially when we are talking about people eating a relatively balanced diet. Drinking demineralized water won’t significantly decrease overall mineral intake, and drinking highly mineralized water, and known as hard water, does not significantly increase mineral intake Thus, you could drink demineralized water exclusively and your mineral intake will remain largely unaffected. That’s a whole different discussion, it’s possible to make an argument that small quantities of minerals are very important for those with impoverished diets. Needless to say, for I reckon it’s reasonable to assert that so it’s an extremely minor concern, particularly when you consider the privileges of drinking extremely pure water, and not consuming any number of contaminants that may otherwise be present.

The other argument is that demineralized water is unhealthy due to acidity.

The EPA standard for water pH is 55 with 0 being absolute neutral and anything below 0 being acidic. Not as a blanket generalization, with that said, this argument actually has some merit. So it’s not always the case, Surely it’s possible for demineralized water to end up having a pH lower than the EPA guideline of 5. The initial pH of the water before it’s demineralized and the overall water chemistry will affect the final pH. Not always, in ain’t necessary in any application and ain’t top-notch fit for everyone. There’s no shortage of products in our inventory that can Therefore if and when demineralized water is the solution you need. Including whether it’s the right water solution for your family, I encourage you to call my customer service team at 1 888 801 PURE they can ensure you select the right products for your needs, So if you have any questions about demineralized water.

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