The Deionized Water’s Ability To Attract Dirt Eliminates The Need For A Chemical Cleansers – Why Professionals Use Deionized Water For Window Cleaning


deionized water benefits Thus are unsure what the difference is between a company that uses traditional window washing methodsand a company like Pane Bros, if you are in the market for a residential or commercial window washing company in Chicago or the Chicagoland area. The tap water that is traditionally used for window washing contains trace amounts of minerals. While ensuring a streak free shine, when water isdeionized, these same minerals are removed. What really makes the deionization process unique, is that deionization essentially turns your water it into a magnet for the dirt and grime which is ideal for commercial and residential window washing. Now please pay attention. With only deionized water, Instead windows can be cleaned in a safer and more efficient manner, and an irrigated pole with a builtin brush designed for window washing. Better, and more environmentally friendly company to clean your home or storefront windows in Chicago and the Chicagoland area at contact Pane Bros, I’d say in case you are looking for a faster.


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