The Di-14 Features A 14 – Recaptcha Status

America’s freedom was purchased by men using their own guns their muskets.

The same was essentially true in every succeeding war fought on our soil.

These were basic, rugged long guns that were still capable of handling any job they’ve been assigned. Also, it had been the musket used to defend our country since the Vietnam era. Notice, we can if we look for a right delivered by men with muskets, we may no longer need to put food on the table with our musket.

Actually, today, most view the AR family as the everyman’s firearm. AR family is also the firearm of choice for America’s law enforcement. With the balance of LEOs learning the platform at the academy, Many law enforcement officers became familiar with the AR while serving in the military. Normally, typical ‘AR 15s’ are light enough to be handled by smaller officers, and collapsible stocks make it easy to adjust the rifles to fit officers of various sizes or those wearing body armor.

All of these characteristics make ARs perfect for cops. Unlike decades ago today’s officers come in all sizes, when many LEOs were chosen for their imposing stature. Improved AR based upon a long stroke piston operating system with an adjustable gas block, not the AR your dad used in Vietnam or Desert Storm. Of course primary Weapons Systems built its reputation and success on making ARs. PWS does a heck of a job with its qualitybuilt ‘pistondriven’ ARs. The company offers AR platform rifles in 56mm NATO actually with dot 223 Wylde chambers, that accommodate both 56mm and dot 223 without sacrificing accuracy 300 Blackout and dot 308/62mm NATO. Incorporating piston systems into ARs is a more expensive proposition than a traditional direct impingement system, and piston guns are typically somewhat heavier.


All potential reliability improvements delivered by gas piston operating systems do not come free.

Recognizing all of this, PWS decided it needed to offer a modern everyman’s musket.

I know that the company designed its first DI carbines, the ‘DI14’ and ‘DI 16’, as part of its Modern Musket series, with all the flare one expects from PWS. PWS didn’t see it that way. PWS began developing and locating replacements. DI carbine is a DI carbine, right? With all that said… In fact, the company was not enamored with many traditional DI features. Certainly, the ‘DI 14’ features a 14 dot ‘5inch’ barrel with a pinned Triad 556 flash suppressor, and the DI16″ sports a 16 inch barrel with a FSC 556 flash suppressor. Known for the most part there’re the 1in8inchtwist barrels. PWS’ chromemoly barrels are machined inhouse and Isonite QPQ treated inside and out. Just keep reading! For reduced friction and debris resistance, gaps and channels between skid pads on PWS carriers allow for fewer points of contact. The rifle also features Magpul’s MOE buttstock, grip and enlarged triggerguard, and PWS ships the DI14 with one Magpul PMAG.

With increased weight for a longer dwell time and the Isonite QPQ treatment for enhanced longevity, loads of us are aware that there is PWS’ DI enhanced bolt carrier.

To be honest I added a few items, including a Harris bipod fitted with PWS’ KeyMod attachable bipod adapter, a couple of 2 inch sections of KeyMod to Picatinny rail adapters, a highly effective 600 lumen ExtremeBeam M600 flashlight riding in a Daniel Defense offset mount and a few items from Bravo Company, in order to prepare the I14 for the range.

Bravo also supplied a few 2 inch pieces of KeyMod rail to attach nonKeyMod accessories, like Daniel Defense’s offset light mount, an extremely low profile Quick Detachable Mount for slings and BCM’s effective new KeyMod Short Vertical Grip, that requires no tools for a tight, secure attachment.

To test the carbine’s accuracy I mounted a 2 17x44mm Optics LR 17″ scope, hD7 reddot sight for CQB work.


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