The Distilled Water Drinking -Year-Old Eclectic Of The Jets Meet Trevor Reilly – I’Ve Talked To Doctors And It Really Doesn’T Work

distiled waterFLORHAM PARK, Trevor Reilly has a secret weapon and it is foundinside a baby at birthor in pure snow.

Before you go off thinking that it something slightly wackier than deer antler spray think again. Although, reilly, entering his second season as a linebacker on the New York Jets, drinks a gallon of hexagonal water each day. His preferred delivery method is in distilled form water.

Whenever having removed the bacteria and heavy metals found in some drinking water, Distillation is essentially the purest water available. It is a sixsided molecule which means that it is more effective in picking up waste in the body when passing through the digestive system. It is water purest form, a sixsided molecule as opposed to water found in springs or in a well. Basically, he fills up his shopping cart with it -it’s just 90 cents a gallon -when he goes to the food store.

distiled water He needs to take a daily multivitamin because of nutrients loss from all the, ahem, trips to the bathroom.

The biggest thing is that when people talk about these detox diets, it doesn’t work. Reilly said. Oftentimes this flushes your digestive system, flushes your bowels. It doesn’t just make you pee more.

He urinates more times a day than Secretariat on Flomax. The bowel movements, he says, are three to four times a day. It is especially helpful during the offseason when his diet and his calories burned are not as high as during the NFL season.

He has to watch what he eats but he also knows that distilled water can help flush out his system.

He is also careful with it, it may sound like a wonder cure and Reilly promised that drinking it for a week will lead to instant removal of extra obesity.

Hexagonal water, way because it works and the way it can cause frequent bathroom trips. There islook, there’s also nutrient loss which means itis not an everyday thing for someone with a NFL schedule. Reilly goes a mile a minute, when he talks. The hands start twirling and then he’ll stop, to listen. Whenever sitting on a stool outside of his locker, s talking some politics on Tuesday with teammates. Have you heard of something like this before? He pulls his right knee in towards his chest and leans back. Teammate Jason Babin is discussion part. Let me tell you something. Reilly is quiet now.


He hears a point he disagrees with and the hands starting going again to make another point, a blur or words and gyrations. This is Reilly, now in his secondyear with the Jets but a bit older than most at that stage intheir NFL careers. Last year, he was the 26 year old rookie who was a late round pick because of his age. Now at the ripe age of ’27 years’ old, he gonna be in his prime NFL career.

Instead, he’s fighting to make the ‘two deep’ and while he has a good shot, he’s still learning how to play the game on Sundays after a strong collegiate career at Utah.

In many ways, Reilly is a man without a home in this Jets locker room. Nevertheless, he is three or four years older than most rookies and secondyear players and yet at 27 years old, he isn’t quite experienced enough to be considered a veteran and fit into that clique. He’s ‘easygoing’ and funny and willing to just enjoy life, even as he listens to a teammate dissecting a ‘hot button’ day issue.

His two closest friends on the team are veteran linebacker Jason Babin and ‘secondyear’ cornerback Dexter McDougle. Reilly said.

distiled water

Around the time when offseason workouts first appeared on the NFL calendar, it seemed like Reilly was as good as gone.

Most projected him pretty low on the depth chart after a quiet rookie season. It seemed like his time with the Jets was ticking down. Nevertheless, gone are general manager John Idzik and head coach Rex Ryan, the two men who drafted Reilly last year. In their place are a general manager and a head coach with no ties to the player and that is evidenced by their offseason moves. The Jets brought back veteran outside linebackers Calvin Pace and the aforementioned Babin as well as drafting Lorenzo Mauldin this past spring.

The 27year old NFL sophomore now faces having to beat out two esteemed veterans and a rising young star in Mauldin. It’s a business. They bring in Mauldin, Calvin has been here loads of years, Jason Babin is a Pro Bowler. There’s some good guys I’m working with. With all that said… Collins and Kacy Rodgershas helped make me a better player, Reilly said.

Through three preseason games, he has seven tackles and he split a sack with Muhammad Wilkerson in the Saturday win over the New York Giants.

Head coach Todd Bowles said of his performance that I thought he was sound. He did some good things. For instance, he did the right things. He was where he was supposed to be, he played with leverage. He was in the backfield some. There’s a couple more things he has to learn footwork wise but I thought he did a decent job. Consequently, reilly said.

They haven’t asked, Reilly said. But they should. They’d feel great. You will too.


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