The Naya Water Cycle: The Naya Water Cycle

is demineralized water good for you All bottled waters are quite different from one another, while they may seem similar. While others contain treated water sourced from public distribution channels. Are bottled at the spring. Spring water comes from a natural underground spring, as its name indicates. As a result, this water must also contain specific minerals and maintain its original ‘physical chemical’ and microbiological properties from the time it’s sourced to the time it’s consumed. Now let me tell you something. It must be deemed potable at the spring without requiring any purifying treatments, to qualify as spring water. Treated water is water that is demineralized or remineralized. Then again, while quite a bit of it slowly seeps into the soil until it reaches a layer of fractured rock that we call an aquifer. Nourishes plants, or evaporates. However, the water that falls on the Laurentian region, either as snow or rain, forms a truly remarkable water cycle. On the surface, a thick layer of clay protects this aquifer from environmental threats. While giving it an unique mineral composition, The slow migration of water towards the aquifer through thick layers of rock helps to naturally filter and purify the water.


Any overflow of the aquifer flows towards running water.


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