The Result Of This Process Is Hydroxide: Autogeeknet – At Autogeek We Are Car Care Autogeek Has Top-Notch Car Wax Car Care Products And Auto Detailing Supplies To Give Your Vehicle The Perfect Show Winning Shine Auto Detailing Clay Bar Porter Cable And More

deionization water systemsDissolved mineral solids are either positively charged cations or negatively charged anions.

CR Spotless Water Systems work with replaceable resin cartridges. This result process is hydroxide. The TDS meter on the system gives you an accurate tal reading dissolved solids in the water. Hydrogen plus hydroxide equals pure, clean water. This exchange produces acids that are neutralized by anion exchange resin. So, the exchange resin in the CR Spotless Systems replaces cations with hydrogen. The cartridges need to be changed, when it reads 30 ppm or more. An included water restrictor maintains the optimal flow rate of water to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned as it passes through the resins. Sale price. 37500Quantity.


Sale price. 5999Quantity. CR Spotless Replacement Cartridges for ‘DIC20′ and DIW20Availability. Usually ships in ’23’ business daysCR Spotless Replacement Cartridges for DIC 20 and DIW 20RC2 20Sale price. 24999McKee’s 37 Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo


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