The Term Is Essentially Meaningless – What Actually Is Ionized Water And Are There Real Health Benefits From Drinking This Water


To learn more about our Free Drinking Water Donation Program. Another question is. What is ionized water, am I correct? Acidic and alkaline water, pH all water and all aqueous solutions contain both H+ and OHions. That’s something else again, True, Undoubtedly it’s possible for water to contain dissolved ions. + the water is alkaline, I’d say if there are more OH ions than H+. Pure water, that contains equal numbers of both ions, is said to be neutral. The term is essentially meaningless. It will always contain equal numbers of positive and negative electric charges Whether alkaline,, or a water is acidic. Even the purest rainwater contains some hydrogen and bicarbonate ions that are formed when it picks up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, I’d say if the quantity of H+ exceeds that of the OH-. Almost all waters found in nature acquire ions similar to calcium and bicarbonate as they come into contact with rocks and sediments.


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