The Truth About Water Distilled Water Reverse Osmosis And More: Water Secrets: Distilled Water Does Not Have Any Minerals

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This is why it is amid the five forces in the book SuperLife and the best topic we get asked about here at SuperLife.

distilled waterIt is just not all the same! Drinking just any kind of water often won’t enablethe hydration and detoxification you desire in your body for optimal health. On top of that, while this creates technically clean water and helps prevent waterborne disease, a bunch of our water has been run through water treatment plants, it really creates a whole new tea with a long list of chemicals and additives that bring small foreign particles into your body.

Let me ask you something. Why? These types of water types are like a perfect, blank clean canvas for cleansing and hydrating your body because all the little, invisible particles water treatment added been removed. Not all of them, filtered water gets particles SOME out. Also, while filtering water through microscopic holes to remove even more contaminants than standard filters can, Micron filtration goes even further. Only RO or distilled water are a perfectly clean slate for your body to use. You may are told not to drink distilled water.a lot a lot more information about this stuff on this site. It’s because electrolytes are removed through the RO or distilling process. Consequently, electrolytes are foundational body nutrients, and they must be present to create water that’s accessible for your body and cells. The solution is to add them back to your water through Himalayan crystal salts which add back the electrolytes in a pure form. See No.

Hands down, bar none, this is the MOST ASKED QUESTION.

It is a great one! It is so important to add unprocessed/ unrefined salts to the distilled, structured water or reverse osmosis water you drink. Here are the ratios. Also, many salts are stripped of minerals and bleached. It is pure from modern environmental toxins, himalayan crystal salt is mined from ancient sea beds. It provides 60+ trace minerals, along with your needed electrolytes, plus it has an unique ionic energy that is released when the salt is mixed with water. This means the salt is the right size and proper action of molecules for ideal synergy with your body and cells.

You should definitely consider adding Himalayan crystal salt to your water. Distilled water does not have any minerals, and those minerals are essential for the body to absorb water well and maintain longterm health. It doesn’t get the water clean or filtered enough, kangen uses some filtration and some electrolysis that structures the water. The water still has a tons of total dissolved solids. Just because the PH is altered does not mean it is safe or good water. There are many factors to consider.



The ideal option is to put areverse osmosis or a personal distiller in your home. As a result, you can buy distilled or RO water and add Himalayan crystal salt to it, So if you cannot do this. It depends on what filtration system the purified water you are asking about is made from. Just because water is labeled as purified doesn’t mean that the water is clean or filtered enough. The water can still have a a lot of total dissolved solids.

The best way to make sure your quality water is to test it. Well water is commonly high in nitrates, arsenic, and lead. Use a Total Dissolved Solids meter or a pH meter when testing. Testing would make it fairly simple for you to know if you ought to take steps to filter it or change your water supply. Glass is always best if you can find it. Let me tell you something. Distilled water is easiest to find in plastic, thatthatthat is fine. The cost benefit ratio of getting water that is CLEAN in plastic far outweighs the plastic issue.

While resulting in a healthier and happier person, Drinking enough clean water will impact the cells first, so the body.

Someone who is strong from good hydration and awareness can and will naturally be attracted to making positive changes in their community and for the planet. Eventually, hydration is essential to all people, regardless of their region, race, ethnicity, religion, or economic class. Think of all that we could accomplish, if every person on Earth was willing and able to be properly hydrated. It is most pools contain chemicals that are harmful for our bodies. For example, pools containing bromine may interfere with iodine, thyroid, and adrenal reception. Needless to say, chlorine, commonly found in pools, affects brain. By immersing oneself in these chemicals we force the liver to clean these added toxins. Some people are able to keep a safe, ‘chemical free’ pool by using saline or salt water typical instead chlorinated cocktail. For example, a lot of individuals pump ozone into their pool, thatthatthat kills unwanted bacteria without harming humans. Of course being chemical free does not mean you have to give up your beloved water recreation and sports!

Pure, simple water is always the best choice for your body. So if your taste buds need a break, true hydration does mean drinking loads of it, try infused water. Your taste buds will love the mix up, and the water will absorb a lot of the nutrients in the added fresh, organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables. For instance, adding a simple organic slice of lemon or cucumber both have an alkalizing effect! Try adding your favorite organic fruit and even a bold kick of ginger! While refreshing options, check on this blog, For some simple. Water is a very big topic! The truth is fresh, clean spring water is the absolute best because it is clean, vacant of heavy deposits, energized from the rocks and motion that creates Ionic potential. Just think for a moment. Top-notch way for large populations of people to drink water is to first clear debris it that can cause problems and lower the TDS and balance the PH, because plastic bottles and transportation effect water. Now let me tell you something. RO or distilled water because these types of water types are like a perfect, blank clean canvas for cleansing and hydrating your body because all the little, invisible particles was removed.

You may are told not to drink distilled water. Although, it’s because electrolytes are removed through the RO or distilling process. Electrolytes are foundational body nutrients, and they must be present to create water that’s accessible for your body and cells. Known the solution is to add them back to your water through Himalayan crystal salts. However, you can also reenergize water again by electrolysis or vortation or vortex, have a look at http. Considering the above said. You can also read more in my book SuperLife where I have a whole chapter on the truth about water in your body.

The human cell has an aquaporin that requires the water to be small enough to enter 5 6 molecules. Restructured water allows this as well as the water needing a negative charge to enter that aquaporin. Generally, noble peace prizes was awarded for this discovery in the 90′ Reverse osmosis water all has a positive charge and even when you add minerals it maintains a positive charge not entering the cell for cellular hydration. Keep reading! Active hydrogen is the strongest antioxidant on earth. Kangen shows by your Comments. Eventually, small water, clean and filtered water and a negative charge. That’s interesting right, am I correct? Please know I am not loyal to Kangan but more the cause I am a Beachbody coach too and love reset. Kangan is the best water on earth and I have seen lives changed as a resultconsequently. Keep reading! Please dig in more before saying R/O water is best.

Do your homework.

There is a reason other countries offer mineralized water versus water stripped of its minerals. Actually, if it’s acidic on a PH test. It’s unhealthy. Make sure you scratch a comment about it in the comment section. You don’t want to drink half your body weight in ounces of acidic water. With all that said… People are very upset when they make sure just how unhealthy they can be. Generally, you can avoid a swimming hazards pool overloaded with chemicals and chlorine, by completely recycling the water, thatthatthat also saves 90 of the water. The process is called reverse osmosis. Loads of info can be found easily by going on the internet put the super back into your life using fadfree, simple, easy resources for everyday, healthy living and long time vitality.


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