There’Re Less Expensive Purification Methods Available: Demineralized Water

These write ups indicate that water devoid of minerals, and thus, sometimes referred to as demineralised water, can be potentially harmful to body tissues.

Now please pay attention.


Absurd articles come to discredit deionized water as being harmful and will strip your body of minerals and nutrients. Now pay attention please. This kind of water we are talking about is usually water in its highly pure form -without minerals or ions dissolved. Water is a very good solvent and the purer it gets the more aggressive a solvent it becomes. It is mostly there’s little information to either prove or disprove this.

Tap water or typical water contains a few things dissolved in it. Now look. For some, a less expensive system of water purification that results to potable water is still convenient. There are less expensive purification methods available. Besides, a bunch of bottled mineral water are out in the market and these products contain 1000 dissolved ppm solids. The dilemma, however, exists as the more expensive the process the better and safer the water is. Known for the most part there’re no proven health risks regarding consumption of DI water. Although, the high cost of deionizing water may not be practical to many citizens. They are neither better nor worse than demineralised water.


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