They Sell You A Very Expensive Machine: Demineralized Water

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deionized water benefitsMarketers claim alkaline water can correct excess acidity in your tissues, thatthatthatthatthat can hereafter prevent or reverse cancer, arthritis, and identical degenerative diseases.


Additionally, I actually have interviewed two other experts on this topic and they both agree that ionizers that produce alkaline water are not your best choice. The segment is part of a much longer interview that we will air in future problems. Above is my interview with Houston Tomasz on this topic. He’s a 10 year veteran in the water filtration industry and this article expands on plenty of the items that we discuss in our interview.

They sell you a very expensive machine, for which you get a decent discount if you sign up as a rep, and once you’re MLM part, you can’t very well change your mind about its benefits -even if you realize that the alkaline water is no longer working for you.

My FREE newsletter is instrumental in changing many lives people across the world. The research is clear that highly alkaline water has detrimental effects on plants and animals, there arethere’re not many studies with humans. That said, the WHO has published a nearly 600″ page document called Guidelines for Drinking water Quality. As a result, the scientific literature indicates pH is important for nutrition and vitality. So here’s a question. What are the recommendations for optimal drinking water pH, am I correct? They do recommend your water pH be in 5 range to 0 so as not to corrode your pipes -and they’re NOT talking about your body’s plumbing. This is the case. In this voluminous tome, you would expect to find everything you’d ever need to know about your drinking water, right, am I correct? They state that pH usually has no direct impact on consumers, yet they also write pH is among the most important operational water quality parameters. Well, everything EXCEPT a pH recommendation -there are no health based guidelines for pH! For example. If you need to take control of your health consequently you won’t look for to miss out on this opportunity. Therefore, another question is.


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