To Get The Most Out Of Your Coolant That’s A Fact, It’s Essential That The Right Filtration Is Used – Keep Your Coolant System Efficient With Proper Filtration

industrial water filters Your coolant system is unique to your application.

Surely it’s essential that the right filtration is used, in order to get the most out of your coolant.

FiltraSystems is a worldwide leader in industrial filtration systems. Our various patented products and extensive industry experience helps us deliver custom, optimized industrial filtration systems for our customers, that are easily integrated into their operation. Our clientele ranges across many industries and we understand that different solutions work better for certain applications, that is why we offer different kinds of coolant types filters to fit the needs of our customers.


Although, the types of projects that we have worked on over the years allows us to offer the broadest line of equipment in the industry and handle applications from 50 gpm to 5000 gpm for every machining type operation and cutting fluid.

industrial water filters Central coolant systems are utilized when multiple machines are integrated for an operation. Our coolant filters can be implemented in quite a few configurations, and have the advantage of providing any machine with really similar coolant, at identical specifications.


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