Tutto Di Parma – That Is Being That The Pigs From Which The Ham Is Made Are All Exclusively From The Po Region Of Italy

di water generator That was selling the northern Italian specialty in the Salumeria Rosi for 24 years.

Gianni Giovanelli lives for ham -to be more precise, for the pale pink, shiny, mildly spicy tasting prosciutto di Parma. Therefore, the shop and restaurant in the lively Via Farini in the center of Parma is a magnet for the town‘s food connoisseurs. Now let me tell you something. In fact it is. That is interesting. Parma has not only given its name to the famous local ham. After all, Unsurprisingly, Gianni recommended Parma ham -it was top-notch on planet earth. Notice that though he sees himself as a lot more than a purveyor of fine hams. On top of that, gianni Giovanelli loves his job -that is plainly obvious just from looking at him. That said, more importantly, It tastes identical all over the world, Gianni points out.

This we have my life, he admits.

Carefully and with a smile on his face, he places the gossamer thin slices he has just cut on the ham slicer onto a plastic sheet.


His customers trust him. Much so that one of them even called from his holiday in NY for some advice onwhich ham to buy. He explains that he feels like a doctor advising his customers and showing them how to eat healthily. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Maybe I must call myself a doctor, he observes with a mischievous grin. That is as the pigs from which the ham is made are all exclusively from the Po region of Italy. Regardless of whether you buy it in Parma itself or in NY. Far, however only 500 of his cows are accommodated on this estate.

Not only does he have three farm hands, his two sons Sirio and Simone work here almost any now and after that you can get a day off. Anyways, should normally are sold since he provides no milk.

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