Ultrapure Water Solutions: Industrial Uses For Ultrapure Water

RWL Water provides tailor made ultrapure water systems using industry proven ‘membranebased’ technologies, including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, gas transfer membrane degasification, and continuouselectrodeionization. Each system is ‘custom designed’, on the basis of a range of factors including the specific characteristics of the available feed water, redundancy, and the quality requirements for the desired final product water. Using RO and CEDI technology for demineralized water polishing provides customers with operational benefits over traditional solutions that use ion exchange resins. Also, offering makeup water UPW systems to power plants and industrial clients, RWL Water also offers condensate polishing plants on the basis of state of the art mixedbed ion exchange resins. It needed a bit of its inland open cycle gas turbines to combined cycle power generation.

, RWL Water was chosen to design and supply a containerized solution tomeet specific ultrapure ‘waterquality’ needskmq.push. The primary parameter was to provide water with a 10 Mohm/cm resistivity.


The first houses media prefiltration, activated carbon, chemical pretreatment, and the 5 micron cartridge units. It also houses the system’s electrical and control panels and HMI computer station. However, any ultrapure water treatment system was built using two 40footlong High Cube cargo containers. Actually, the second contains a skidmounted, doublepass RO unit, gas transfer membranes, and a ‘skidmounted’ electrodeionization unit. Anyway, challenges, All RWL Water ultrapure water technologies are engineered to match your unique water treatmentkmq.push. Notice that our experts can assist you in the proper sizing, layout, and operation of your ultrapure water system.


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