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demineralized water Check our demi water web page or for a more detailed explanation about health risks of drinking demineralized water. Another question isSo the question is this. Is distilled water suitable for cooking? Which are the health risks from consumption of demineralised or ‘lowmineral’ water? Is there any theory which supports distilled water consumption? Oftentimes what’s demineralised water? What supports this theory? Can water be enriched with minerals? Nevertheless, why is demineralised water not suitable for consumption? Due to the water shortages in it’s packaged in bottles, tetra bricks or even plastic bags to be consumed by people. Distilled water does not taste bland or flat. It is perfectly safe to drink. On top of that, distilled water should not leach minerals from your body. There are quite a few studies, conducted by health professionals in different parts of the world, that support the three statements above. Now, a negative osmotic pressure appears on the vegetable which makes it loose all its minerals in behalf of the water, when cooking any vegetable rich in minerals in demineralised water. That is, the vegetable would loose all its minerals, that would pass on to the water, that is after that, thrown away into the sink.


Distilled water is very low in mineral content, as we explained before in this page.


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