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does reverse osmosis soften water No matter how sophisticated your espresso machine, coffee brewer, steam oven and akin commercial foodservice equipment you can not avoid the demons that may lurk in the water they use. Which ones, and how much depends on where your water comes from, An array of different minerals are dissolved in water. In order to select the right water filtration for any application you must know the basic characteristics of the water chemistry at your location. You can have it analyzed by a lab or you can often get the information directly from your water utility. Right after hundreds of the impurities are stripped out of the water a special blend of minerals is dissolved back in to give it the balance it wants. With that said, as we discussed earlier, pure water is ‘natures solvent’ and needs some dissolved minerals to be balanced. Known in a nutshell, the OptiPure OP system removes the majority of everything from water including suspended particles, organic chemicals and dissolved minerals. The system utilizes a few water treatment technologies including reverse osmosis.

does reverse osmosis soften water

The OptiPure OP system includes a processor that produces optimized water, a storage tank to hold the water and a repressurization pump to deliver it to equipment.

RO membrane against contaminants that can damage it.


does reverse osmosis soften waterOptiPure CTO ‘pre filters’ take out dirt, sediment and identical suspended particulates down to 5 micron and reduce chlorine and organic chemicals. Consequently, water with high levels of water hardness may require additional ‘pre treatment’ similar to a water softener. After pre filtration water goes into the OptiPure AMS RO membrane where most of the dissolved minerals are removed. Reverse osmosis is a separation process where pure water molecules are forced, under pressure, through the membrane. The dissolved minerals can not pass through and are flushed away to the drain. For example, the OptiPure Mineral Addition cartridge allows the pure water from the membrane to dissolve a balance of specific minerals back into the water. Known by nature water that has no dissolved minerals is out of balance and aggressive. Producing water utilizing reverse osmosis is a slow process that does not make water fast enough to meet the needs of equipment. The storage tank is a clean environment where the optimized water is stored until called for. So, coffee brewer or combi steam oven call for water the RP pump draws it from the storage tank and delivers it to your equipment, when your espresso machine.

To add a final ‘polish’ to water used for beverages and ice That’s a fact, it’s passed through an activated carbon post filter just prior to use.

Special chloramine postfilter is quite straightforward ‘add on’ to the OP system to remove it, This pesky chemical can sneak through a RO membrane, however when needed.

About half the water supplies in the use chloramine as a disinfectant and with similar to combi and steam ovens, So it’s desirable to remove it. The OptiPure OP is a complete and simple to operate reverse osmosis water treatment system designed for commercial foodservice applications. Usually, anyone belonging to a political party and ‘hates’ the other party is ill informed. OptiPure joins Aquion.


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