Where Do I Stand On This Issue – Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe To Drink

reverse osmosis water health Not long after I made the decision to install a reverse osmosis system in my home it came to my attention that not everyone feels that drinking reverse osmosis water is safe for long period of time consumption. While learning of this got my adrenaline pumping and forced me to dig deep into the claims to find out the truth for myself, being a man of pride and sincerity. While leading to all sorts of negative health effects which we won’t discuss here, the claims are that by drinking water which is demineralised you’ll deplete your body of minerals similar to calcium and magnesium. As a result, personally I just don’t see how it could make any logical sense. WHO was intended well. The idea that we need to have calcium and magnesium in our water with an eye to be certain our bodies are properly nourished seems to me to be a far stretch, at least in populations where proper nutrition is plentiful. Not to mention there’re scores and scores of men and women of great intelligence, loads of them doctors, who testify that purified water, water free from all minerals and contaminants, is top-notch thing you can put in your body from a hydration standpoint.


You can read 75 such testimonies here. Consumption of lowTDS water, just like that which results from RO treatment, does not pose any health concerns for healthy populations. For me answer is pretty straight forward, There’s a lot more on this subject that I’ll probably write about in various forms in other articles. Featured Image. Have you heard about something like that before? Whether it be for your home, Our goal is to top-notch water filtration solution for your situation, office, or commercial operation. By using special links I do receive commissions for most of the products that are advertised and written about on this site. Compensation is never considered in my articles.


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