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deionized water definitionThat makes it tough to judge a story by what amount tweets it has.

New insights into what amount people tweet and click versus exactly how many actually read are actually prompting a change in the way publishers market themselves to advertisers. Upworthy, YouTube, and identical platforms have started paying less attention to page views and more attention to how engaged people actually are. Of course, Schwartz was hesitant to speculate as to why this look, there’re loads of possible explanations. Clicks from social media most probably will come from mobile devices, where readers typically spend less time on the page. It also likely reflects readers’ preferences about what kinds of links types they click studies show people most probably will share stories that are happy or nostalgic than they are to tweet about crime, we really have to say. Certainly, it’s also possible that some highly retweeted stories contain all the information necessary in the headline without the need to click on the article, as with some live news.


As Slate’s Farhad Manjoo wrote last year, it could just be that we’re in the skim age and people just don’t read things deeply on the internet.


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