Why A Water Softener Will Change Your Life – It’s Interesting That It Actually Helps Your Dishes Get Cleaner

When I say hard water, Know what, I mean that when my parents had it tested it was actually worse than thelake in the town where they live.

Hard water is water that a high mineral content.

It’s formed when water passes through deposits of limestone and chalkand it picks up various minerals from it. When Corey and I moved into this house we had someone stop by and try to sell us a water softener. I was actually very intrigued so we let the guy in, corey was skeptical at first since he’s awful at telling salespeople no and I’ve hammered into his head that he needs to ignore all of them. We decided to dive in and get a water softening system for our entire house, and there areno words for how glad I am that we did it. After we had lived with our soft water for some time, I actually took a shower at my parents house one day and wasshocked at how gross my skin and hair felt after getting out of the shower.


We’re pretty infatuated with our water softening system -it was so easy to have installed, and it’s not a big deal to maintain.

We recently tried out Morton Salt for our system thanks to a coupon they sent me, and we were long overdue for a salt refill!

Most water softeners work by using a brine to strip the minerals from the water -so, all we have to do looking at the upkeep is add some salt to it each few months! You know if you have hard water in your house, right? Anyway, it’s interesting that it actually helps your dishes get cleaner. Etc, Favorite Things, Home, Organization We have a water softener in our house, and I was never really sure on how it helped. This is some really good information about water softeners. Now pay attention please. It makes sense that a water softener would help the water taste better since So it’s treating the water. We had one and the main difference I noticed when we stopped using it was that my skin will break out and dry out easily, when I was little.


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