With That Said, This Ensures That You Have The Freshest: Demineralized Water

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Our stateoftheart water filtration and sanitization technologies purify your building’s tap water.

With Quench, known you’ll have a reliable. Eco friendly drinking water solution -no water delivery hassles. Worries about running out, or concerns about your cleanliness drinking water.


So, you don’t actually have to be, We’re water experts! They are a plastic free, BPAfree water dispensing solution -no more concerns about chemicals possibility leaching into your drinking water, since uench water purification systems are bottleless. Now please pay attention. Quench commercial water filtration system is like having a miniature water purification plant right in your office! Stays in, The good stuff, like healthy, while hydrating minerals. For instance, this ensures that you have the freshest, cleanest water available, delivered straight to your glass.

EcoFriendly Water Delivery Alternative.

For tofirst time, researchers at SEAS have demonstrated a flying, swimming, ‘insectlike’ robot paving toway for future duel aerial aquatic robotic vehicles.

Nearly invisible wings 120 times per second, The Harvard RoboBee, designed in Wood’s lab, is a microrobot, smaller than a paperclip, that flies and hovers like an insect, whenever flapping its tiny. Like a flying version, That’s a fact, it’s still tethered to a power source. You see, toRoboBee is so small and lightweight that it can not break towater surface tension. With an intention to overcome this hurdle, the RoboBee hovers over towater at an angle. Crashes unceremoniously into towater with intention to sink. Then again, the research was presented recently in a paper at toInternational Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in Germany, where first author Chen accepted toaward for best student paper. It’s a well to make totransition from air to water, toteam first had to solve surface problem tension. RoboBee changes its direction by adjusting towings stroke angle, identical way it does in air. The team lowered towing speed from 120 flaps per second to nine but kept toflapping mechanisms and hinge design tosame. The team prevented toRoboBee from shorting by using deionized water and coating toelectrical connections with glue.


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