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reverse osmosis water healthLet me ask you something. Could your drinking water be compromising your health? What water type are you drinking and bathing in, this is the case right? Some water treatment methods remove these essential minerals from the water. Aluminum toxicity can occur in persons who drink water that is missing naturally occurring minerals. That’s interesting. Water with naturally occurring minerals is a ‘whole food’. Fact, aluminum toxicity was a suspected health concern, especially in mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Now pay attention please. These vital minerals are required to bind to aluminum, heavy metals and harmful chemicals and remove them from the body.


Research reports stress that long period of time consumption of demineralized water can virtually be dangerous. This theory is being supported by the fact that across the globe the areas where people live the longest most disease free lives are the areas that have the most alkaline water‚ water with the highest mineral content. Dr. With that said, paavo Airola‚ cancer expert and author of How to Get Well and Cancer… Causes‚ Prevention and Healing also reports that long period of time consumption of distilled water eventually results in multiple mineral deficiencies. Zolton Rona‚ author of The Joy of Health‚ states that the longer one consumes distilled water‚ the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state. Let me tell you something. Many studies suggest that cancer cells can only grow in an acid environment. Second‚ it had been proven that when our body fluids become more acid than alkaline the production of free radicals increases‚ causing increased cancer risks. First‚ as demineralized water contains more hydrogen Undoubtedly it’s an acid with a pH below seven. Any time we consume an acid substance our body will pull minerals from our teeth and bones to produce bicarbonate to neutralize the acid. Seriously. Two very negative things happen when we consume water that is stripped of its natural minerals. Dr.


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