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Right after spending hours online researching very much information, we consider it disturbing that a company claiming the truly look for the if you are treating with the technology used in the Finecel Water Filtration System that we offer, there always was no need the remineralize since the system does not remove minerals. You don’t mention it. You see that a RO system will have different filters besides the RO membrane. What a shame and I’m glad to be wiser than I was after first study this article.

They do waste water.


demineralized water suppliersWe had a glitch in our blog comment notification system.

We personally have not seen a single filtration system that may remove fluoride while the various different contaminants the level that RO usually can, By the way I know it’s ideal if filtration systems could do as much as a RO system without wasting water. Of course my sincere apologies for the delay in getting back the you. On top of this, read! Anyway, while they will capture a few of this water and use it for cleaning, they can’t do things like water the garden, since it’s contaminants full I simply paid the rid of. In the meantime it pays to be fair and precise about the competition. The product page they noted above has various links the videos, performance reports and the user manual should you seek for the study more.


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