You’ll Actually Enjoy Your Water Again

Nutrients in Drinking Water.

Because they are often stripped of minerals and may even be acidic as I discussed in thisrecent post, It’s especially important to add minerals to everse Osmosis. And even some purified bottled waters,Are You Unknowingly Drinking ‘Dead’ Water Void of Essential MInerals?

You may also want to find a way to filter and enrich plain tap water as well. Here are some easy ways to make your water more alkaline and ‘mineral rich’ whether you are indoors, at work, or on the fly. You may find that a combination of these solutions works best for you. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other ways to add minerals back into your water.

You enjoy mineral water, right? Adding trace mineral writes to your water will make you think you’re drinking ‘mineral rich’ water from a coveted natural source. As long as it tastes so much better, You’ll actually enjoy your water again. Then again, it’s easy to quickly add a few writes to a glass of water, water bottle, or even a pitcher for the whole family to enjoy. Trace mineral writes include micro minerals that your body needs in very small amounts, like chromium, copper, fluoride, manganese, molybdenum iodine, selenium, iron, and zinc.


Many writes also contain a fair share of magnesium, an important macro mineral. While adding minerals to water makes them a great deal more easily absorbed by the body, they are in their electrolyte or ionic form. You also get taking advantage in a steady supply of these minerals as you drink water throughout the day. They are relatively inexpensive. An 8 oz.


Himalayan sea salt, thatthatthat is full of 84 trace minerals. You can add a pinch to a glass of water or about 1/4 tsp. That it dissolves easily, the trick is to use fine salt. By the way, it’s an inexpensive solution for adding trace minerals as long as two pounds cost well under and the replacement filters come in a 3pack for -phrasephrasephrasephrasemainverbmainverbpluralpluralphrasephrasephrasephrasephrasemainverbmainverbphrasephrase products found in your home.


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